Does Your WordPress Site Need 3D?

Building the UX with 3D elements

When designing your WordPress site, it is important that you have the most cutting edge design to separate you from the massive amounts of other sites which are on the internet. One of the primary ways in which you can do so is to have the top design elements of 2017 in your site. These, per, include gradients, video with sound, virtual reality, parallax scrolling, simplicity, navigational patterns, and a connected design. And while many of these elements could be 2D and animation, other elements are clearly 3D. This raises the question, does your WordPress site need 3D? Do you need all 7 of these elements to have success? Well, that depends upon your website.

Know your audience

Often, web developers and designers will see the trends for a new year and immediately jump on board. This may not be the best course of action for your site. First, you need to understand the target audience and then move in a direction which will boost the user experience and engagement on that site. Yes, you could have a legal firm which gives a virtual reality 3D models of the office, but is it necessary for the site? If it will not help to drive traffic to the site and secure a sale (for businesses) then the feature is superfluous and perhaps detrimental (as it does take time to load) to the site.

Glamour without content is useless

The second major consideration that a WordPress designer should take into consideration is the content which you are presenting in your website. If your site is based upon multimedia, animation, cinematics, or gamming, then it would be a good idea to have a video with sound that showcases some of the top scenes from some of the top resources. This does mean that the video will include character 3D models, special effects, and such. Yet, even with the use of such props for your SEO, if your text content is weak, then the overall site will be weak.

Focus first on establishing a great layout and content to your text. Have that connected design and the simplicity to the layout, but focus on getting your message across to the viewer. Remember, most people only read a website for 15 seconds before determining if your WordPress site is worth staying on, as per Time magazine reports. Your content should be engaging and encourage the viewer to read further. Yes, have something visual which grasps the attention, but also have content which supports the visuals.

How we view the world can help you build your site

I would venture to say that every website needs a level of 3D or simulated 3D if they are to be in the top rankings for an extended amount of time. Why? Well, it all has to do with the way in which we see the world. We see in 3D. Objects are not flat. They have depth. Likewise, when our websites are presented in a way which mimics depth and perspective, the eye is more accepting. Think of it this way. If I were to put flat silhouette of a woman before you and then a 3D character of a woman before you, which draws you in more?

Though both images contain a woman in a dress, the odds are that your eye was draw to the 3D model first. And while you may think that this is only suitable for bloggers, game sites, and the non-business oriented WordPress sites, such is not true. Consider an architectural sketch as compared to the image below, which would you prefer to see?

Why your website should use 3D

Whether your WordPress site is informational, business oriented, or for personal usage, 3D elements add to the depth of your site and give the viewer something to explore. As the trends for 2017 are including parallax scrolling, which typically has some form of 3D to it mixed with animation, as well as virtual reality, it would behoove the website designer to explore 3D models and 3d characters which would best suite their theme.

Avoid using the stock 3D images from templates and WordPress designs. While there are some elements which are stunning, there are quite a few which have been recycled in other themes and other people’s sites to the point of being cliché. Modernize your site, yes, but do so with tact. Focus on content, have elements which compliment your message, include 3D elements which encourage the viewer to explore your page or to learn more about your product, and do not over clutter your site with unnecessary elements which will slow down the loading time and reading and you will be fine.

Don’t forget. When adding your images, 3D content, and videos add alt tags and descriptions to further boost the SEO and your SERPs.