+ Google Algorithm Updates

How to Tell When Another Google Algorithm Update Happens Behind the Scenes

Originally produced as a research project, Google has become one of the most valuable tools of today. If someone wants to know the answers to something or they need to find an item online, Google is the most likely place they will head. However, for those trying to run an online business or create websites, Google can be a lot more complex at times!… Read More

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Your Blog

When you consider how many blogs are out there with the same topic or a similar topic, you can’t afford to play at or ignore search engine optimization (SEO). Whether you wish to drive readers to your site, sell products or monetize your site, you need to optimize to inacrease traffic and rank well in search engine rankings positions (SERPS). Optimization doesn’t happen overnight,… Read More

+ Improve Your SEO Rankings Quickly

How to Improve Your SEO Rankings Quickly

Experts will tell you that Search Engine Optimization is a sustained and long term exercise. Ideally, you should embark on improving your search engine rankings by bringing together a holistic and strong strategy that will involve: Market analysis. Competitor analysis. Checking out what people are saying about your brand on various online forums. Assessing your social media presence and so on. Having said that,… Read More

+ Why Your Web Design Company Needs Tech Support on Hand

Why Your Web Design Company Needs Tech Support on Hand

WordPress is – and has always been – a wonderful platform to develop on. A lot of web developers and designers focus their skills and services on developing great websites with WordPress at its core. Although the platform itself is very flexible, it is not without problems. Many web design companies that focus on WordPress developments often have to spend a lot of time… Read More

+ Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Blogs

3 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Blogs

While the acts of writing a blog and publishing it on your content management system aren’t that difficult in and of themselves, finding success with these two ventures takes a little more than just doing the minimal amount of work. In order to get the movement and traction you want with your blog, whether it’s for business or personal purposes, you’ve got to put… Read More