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Finding A Web Design Company and Launching Your Own Website

As a business owner, it will be absolutely essential to launch a website at some point in the future. Without a website, it will difficult for your business to expand beyond your local community. Your progress and revenue will remain stagnant. In fact, even local businesses can benefit from an online presence. However, you shouldn’t rush this activity, as doing so will result in… Read More

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Transforming Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App: Why do it and How to do it?

How the most people prefer to consume web services and digital media? Apparently, the preference goes to mobile devices, right? Well, handheld devices besides being accessible all the time transformed the way we access and make use of digital contents. There is no wonder that smartphones and tablets together make the biggest platform for the creation of web-based and native digital contents. From social… Read More

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The Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to CAN-SPAM Compliance

 As much as many of us will publicly bemoan the existence of spam, marketers persist with this way of getting their message in front of a large audience, because it actually works. It stands to reason that if something as seemingly unpopular as spam manages to hang around for such a long period of time, someone is earning out of it. In a further… Read More

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Peppery Posts: Thin Content and Ways to Avoid It at All Costs

Content is one of the most important signals for search algorithms in determining the ranking of a web page. While algorithms have moved on way past the days when you could rank a web page by simply using lots of keywords, the content is still important. And these days, what will get you ranking is high-quality content that provides value to your readers. The… Read More

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Reputation Management: Managing Fake, Unfair or Untrue Online Customer Reviews

As dastardly as it may sound, there are people on the internet who will leave intentionally negative fake reviews on business websites in order to harm your online reputation. Sometimes it’s a disgruntled employee, an angry customer or even a business rival. If this happens to you, there are some things you can do. Because of the prevalence of such review sites as Yelp,… Read More