Top 5 Exciting Reasons to Start Drop Shipping Business Right Now

Youíve been contemplating starting an ecommerce business – but you donít want the hassle and the over head cost of keeping inventories. You just wish thereís a way to by-pass handling products and just focus on doing the fun things – like building and marketing your store, handling customer services and those other front-end tasks.

The truth is youíre not alone – several would be e-com entrepreneurs give up even before starting because of product handling and shipment. But, it doesnít have to be the case for you.

In fact, thereís a solution. Yes – you read that right, thereís an ecommerce model you can make money from without owning one single inventory of your product.

Enter Drop shipping

This is a type of ecommerce model in which shop owners sell products to their customers without ever touching it. This is how it works. A customer places an order on the store, the business owner forwards same order to a dropshipping wholesaler, who packages and drop ships the product to the customer.

So hereíre 5 reasons why you should drop shipping for your online retail store:

Low Capital outlay

You donít have to worry about the financial burden of carrying a particular line of product – since you donít have to stock up on any product. It affords you the opportunity of actually testing out different products until you hit a hot selling one without as little investment of your time to upload product pictures and descriptions from your drop ship supplier.

Youíre Able to Offer a wide Range of Product

With the flexibility that comes from not stocking up on any product, you are able to offer a more diverse range of products. However, it is recommended that you carry complementary products instead of different products that doesnít relate. This helps to differentiate your store and brand it as a specialty store.

Easy to Set Up your Store on Auto-pilot

With a tool such as Oberlo you can easily set up your store to run on auto-pilot which frees up your time to concentrate on what matters to your business Ė marketing your store. Orders on your store are automatically forwarded to the drop-ship supplier; your inventory gets automatically updated with new changes, with little or no input from you after the set up.

Low Entry-barrier

This could be both good news and bad news depending from which side of the divide youíre at. For new sellers, this is welcomed since starting a store does not require too many requirements. With a unique domain name and hosting, youíre practically good to go. Thereíre several ecommerce templates to make designing easy and fast. Once your store is up, sign-up with drop shipping wholesalers, update your store and begin selling.

You Have More Time to Market Your Business

With the time for fulfilling orders out of the way such as packaging, going through your inventory and all order fulfillment tasks, you have more time devoted to providing an awesome customer experience for your customers, focusing more on driving traffic to your site and generally building up your brand.

Summing Up

Drop shipping is a great way to get started with your first online store without investing a huge amount of money. All it requires is your time, persistence and an unbeatable shopping experience for your customers, and I bet you, youíre on your way to drop shipping success.