Qualities Your E-Commerce Website Should Have in 2017

E-Commerce website is evolving and if your e-commerce website needs to keep ahead of competition in the year 2017, there are a few additional qualities that your website should have.  During the last few years many new e-commerce websites have emerged and disappeared, and it becomes very difficult for e-commerce sites to cope up with the latest challenges.

Winning customers in the coming years will be more difficult for e-commerce sites unless they are ready to accept the new challenges and make the necessary changes to their website.

Essential Qualities Your E-Commerce Website Should Have

  1. Include Unique and Consistent Content: When designing an e-commerce web site, the content should be unique and consistent throughout the web site. You need to make sure the content is fresh and regularly updated so that customers keep coming back to the WordPress website to see the latest updates.
  1. Social Media Presence: Today, majority of sales happens through social networking sites. People spend most of their free time on social networking sites. Therefore, having a strong presence in social media is important if you need your e-commerce site to be successful. Regular marketing campaigns via social media sites and publishing blogs and sending newsletters regularly will only help your e-commerce website scale to greater heights.
  1. Security Matters: People who purchase online are always concerned about the security features of the e-commerce site. E-commerce sites should take all the necessary steps to protect customer information and ensure privacy when the customer makes a purchase online. An e-commerce website will find it very difficult to survive in the year 2017 if it does not have an SSL certificate that ensures safe and secure connectivity between customers and e-commerce websites, 2 factor authentication and firewall.
  1. High Quality Videos and Images of Products: Would you buy a product from an e-commerce website if you are not able to see the product image clearly? Today, people are very much concerned about what they buy and where they buy. A product that does not have a clear image will not attract any buyer and it will only reduce the popularity and usage of the e-commerce website. If you really need to survive the tough competition, e-commerce companies should make sure they put high quality images and videos of products so that the buyers can have a clear idea of how the product looks like before buying.Video marketing is another crucial aspect companies need to consider. Today, the number of videos posted on social networking sites like Facebook proves how people are addicted to and love videos more than images. Therefore, if you really need to give your customers a clear understanding about the product and its features, including a small video will add value to the product and your e-commerce website.
  1. Return Policy: A clearly stated return policy is an essential feature and increases the value of your ecommerce website. Your website should clearly specify the return policy so that customers are clearly aware of it. A good and customer friendly return policy will only build the trust customers have in your e-commerce site and thereby improve the number of customers and your business.
  1. Mobile Friendly Site: Does your customers find it difficult to order items via their Smartphone? An e-commerce website that lacks responsive design has very little chance of surviving in the coming years. As per the recent studies, more than 90% users use the mobile phone for online shopping. So, if your e-commerce website is not designed to handle mobile and tablets, then your website will not last long. Responsive design is a must-to-have feature and there is no excuse for not supporting mobile users.

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