+ Free WordPress Plugins for your Blog

Top 8 Free WordPress Plugins for your Blog

When you decide to create a blog, chances are that you are not exactly sure where to start to keep the site fresh and new looking. WordPress has functionality that both neophyte and experts utilize to make a blog and to create a new space, but getting started with the process can be a tedious task if you never used the tool before. WordPress… Read More

+ Why Your Website Design May Be Damaging Your Business

Why Your Website Design May Be Damaging Your Business

It’s never been easier to build a website for your business. Whether you’re setting up an ecommerce site or a just starting a blog, want to tell the world about your great new legal service, or would simply like to blog about your life or favourite pastime, there’s a platform out there for you. All you need is a basic hosting package and then… Read More

+ Desktop Tropical Island Wallpaper

30 HD Tropical Island Wallpapers

It is generally stimulating to decor a desktop background on our PC. Desktop wallpapers give the clients the vital excitement for work. Island wallpapers could be a marvelous extra into your desktop PC. Here I have accumulated a list of astonishing HD tropical island wallpapers for your desktop. This gathering of wallpapers incorporate the pictures of tropical white sand shorelines and different scenes found… Read More

+ Google Algorithm Updates

How to Tell When Another Google Algorithm Update Happens Behind the Scenes

Originally produced as a research project, Google has become one of the most valuable tools of today. If someone wants to know the answers to something or they need to find an item online, Google is the most likely place they will head. However, for those trying to run an online business or create websites, Google can be a lot more complex at times!… Read More

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How to Integrate Social Media with Your WordPress blog: 6 Best Plugins

I guess there is no need to talk about how important social media is nowadays. There is a good chance most of your website visitors spend a plenty of time scrolling up and down the feeds, liking and sharing images, commenting and connecting on different social platforms. Therefore, any integration with social media, can have a positive impact on your website traffic, marketing campaign,… Read More