6 Essential Tools to Use in Your WordPress Website

If you are searching for tools which would help you to improve or create your WordPress site, you’ve come to the right place. We all know how important it is to save time and spend money smartly while you are trying to build your online business or blogging empire.

Consequently, sometimes it is really hard to find proper tools and plugins to improve one’s website because the internet is filled with so much “noise”. Therefore, we thought that it might be a good idea to share some tools and WordPress plugins with you which would help to develop your WordPress site.

Here are 6 tools and plugins which might take your website to the higher level as well as increase your work.

1. Shopify’s Online Logo Maker

If you want to create a logo for your WordPress site or you need a new one, I know where you can do that. Shopify’s online logo maker is a great tool which provides one with a free possibility to build a  logo.

This tool does not require any amount of prior design experience because of its user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is free and due to that, you will not exceed your possible budget. This online logo maker offers you a big variety of fonts, icons, and frames. Thus, by using this tool you will not only save your time and money but also you will be able to create a logo to fit all of your needs.

2. CaptainForm

You probably know that forms are an essential tool for online business. It helps people to sign for a newsletter or answer survey questions for you. The tool which will lend you a hand in building your blog empire is CaptainForm plugin for WordPress.

CaptainForm is a highly customizable, easy to use WordPress form plugin for building the best forms you might need. It offers more than 30 free form templates, intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and easy data management. Furthermore, it comes with advanced security options to protect you from bots and other threats. They are offering 4 pricing plans and one of which is free. Therefore, you will certainly find the most appealing plan for you.

3. Word Counter

We all know how important are the blog post’s quality and their SEO compatibilities. Some of you might not know that longer posts perform better than short ones, and for this, you might consider using a word counter. You might think why you need this if you have Microsoft Word’s counter etc.

However, this tool is more than that. The word counter is easy to use and will count for you the characters, words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real time. What is more, it will count the keyword density in your text which is an important feature for search engine optimization. Also, the tools will track your text against common social media standards like Twitter character count or average post display length of Facebook. You should check this tool because it has many great features to offer.

4. HappyForms

If you are searching for a simple and easy way to communicate with your readers or customers, there is an amazing WordPress plugin to help you and it is called HappyForms.

This simple but rather useful plugin will help you start more conversations with your site visitors. Moreover, this plugin is free of charge. You will save your budget for more important stuff. The tool has easy to understand message archive which can be filtered in two categories read and unread. You can be sure that the messages of your customers will be delivered to you in no time and the only thing you will need to do is answer them.

5. Lighten

If you are searching for a theme to use on your new WordPress site or just want to renew your old one. This life coach WordPress theme called Lighten might be a perfect choice for you.

First of all, this theme was specially designed for female coaches. It has all the possible needed functionality to sell your coaching services and programs online. The theme is easily compatible with WooCommerce plugin and is optimized to keep your email list growing even more. Despite the fact that it has a certain target group, it can be used by anybody and it can be turned either to blog or any other type of website.

6. Novoresume

We all know that resumes are important in landing your dream job or just presenting yourself in your blog. If you do not know which resume format is the best, you should take a look at Novoresume’s resume format guide.

The first rule according to guide is that you should not assume that one resume fits all. By taking a look at this post you will find out all of the possible resume types as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Moreover, they will help you to choose the best format to suit your need. Also, they share some great resume format tips which will allow you to create a good resume or improve your current one to perfection.