3 Ways to Build Trust with Your Website

Itís not enough to just create a website for your business. With the decline of the brick-and-mortar stores of the past, online businesses have become more and more of a robotic experience. Businesses are establishing more websites than ever before, but they still canít bridge these gaps in customer experience that are left behind without in-person interactions. When a customer shops at a physical store, thereís a level of trust. Not only can they see the products before purchasing, but they can also talk with someone face-to-face. As an online business today, you need to find new ways to build this same trust! Here are 3 ways to build trust with your website!

Highlight Your Customer Stories

Your customer stories are your most valuable resource as an online business! Because users arenít able to experience your products or services in person, they might hesitate to make a purchase online. This only makes sense since people want to know theyíll actually get what they pay for. A great way to build this trust authentically is by showing how youíve helped other customers in the past. These customers are just like them! They have the same problems as your prospective customers, and they need a solution they can count on.

A lot of well-known businesses are sharing customer stories online and making a big splash. Customer stories can be told through reviews and testimonials, but itís recommended you take it even a step further. Testimonials and reviews are a great first step, but they donít really connect with your audience in as profound of a way. Video customer stories let your customers tell their story in their own words, in terms your prospect can understand. Recent research about video marketing shows that this powerful medium is here to stay!

See how award-winning marketing agency LeadtoConversion.com emphasizes its own customer stories right on the front page! By sharing how these clients benefited from their services, they build valuable trust with their audience.

Educate with Content Marketing

Content marketing is the way companies interact with users. One of the biggest mistakes new businesses make when marketing online is trying to sell, sell, sell all the time. Selling has its time and place, but itís not nearly as important as building trust. Without that foundation of trust, nobody will want to buy from you over the internet! Content marketing is one of the fastest growing ways to not only build trust, but build your audience.

By sharing valuable, educational content through blogs, videos, or infographics, your audience knows you mean business. That means you donít have to spend as much time highlighting your experience or your accomplishments. Think of content marketing like showing not telling. By sharing information thatís helpful to your audience, you show them you know what youíre talking about and that they can trust you!

MailChimp is an easy to use email marketing platform. Their blog is incredibly informative and helps other businesses learn how to use email marketing to their advantage! While the MailChimp blog is most definitely not a sales pitch, it shows users just why their platform is valuable.

Use Copy for Humans

Too many websites sound like they were written for robots! These types of websites are cold and unfeeling, and they donít do any favors for the conversion rate. If you want your website to build trust, you need to really connect with your audience. While most resources for writing online copy recommend learning the difference between B2B and B2C, all copy is really H2H, or human to human. Weíre so used to digesting information on our screens, but that doesnít mean we donít still long for human connection!

So how can you keep your copy sounding like it was written by humans for humans? First, keep it casual. Depending on your industry, having too much high-level language can read as condescending. Youíll also want to really know what your audience is looking for and keep your messaging clear. Finally, read all your content aloud to ensure it sounds normal. If you stumble over words or phrasing, your users probably will too.

Trello is a free organizational tool thatís used by students and businesses alike. Even if you donít know what Trello is, you do immediately after reading the copy on the homepage. Itís short, sweet, and to the point in a way that isnít overly complicated.

Connect to Convert

Your website needs to connect with your audience before it can convert your audience. Think of your website like an introduction. You wouldnít start selling before your audience even said hello and got to know you a bit, would you? Thatís why building trust is so essential to all websites, regardless of industry! Try these 3 different ways above to start building real relationships with your users!