The Most Famous Beauty Logos on the Market

The first beauty revolution occurred 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt. They were manufacturing various perfumes, salves and mixtures to keep bodies healthy and beautiful. As time went by, man other ways of body and face beautifying were invented. However, XX century beauty industry revolution changed all the rules again. Modern technologies provide possibilities for appearance improvements and restorations which would be unthinkable back in the days of ancient Egypt or our parents’ youth.

As we might suggest, the beauty sphere is sure to list quite creative logos. Well, let us analyze some of the most trendy and famous logos on the market. And that is just what we are going to do!

Branding pioneers

What were those companies which claimed the incipient market? Actually there were but a few desperate enough to make money from beauty. The world, however, was lusting for new trends. Max Factor, a guy of simple taste, invents a unique liquid foundation. That’s why we all know and love his name nowadays. And the brand is one of leaders on a makeup mass market. The inventor’s name also catered for success they say as it promises a dramatic appearance improvement. The logo is rather apt and only the bright “X” seems to be squeezed from a tube. 

And another great name of history is Josephine Bonaparte’s cosmetologist. It was he, who founded Rimmel – one of the first beauty brands in the world. His cosmetics became so popular, that “rimmel” means “mascara” in some languages. The logo itself is comprised only of naming and a bright, red crown. The logo is designed to be associated with royal makeup, no doubts.

120 years of market survivalism is no decent feat. Nevertheless, a properly designed logo makes the process stylish and trendy. Hans Schwarzkopf invented the first hair care shampoo in a tiny chemist’s in Berlin. And black curly hair silhouette logo hasn’t changed little since then. The top logo was a perfect match for top quality goods marked by it back then. The black-head-shampoo has spread all over the world thanks to brilliant branding as well. The logo itself suffered but minor renovations as it would be a suicide to rebrand a company like this.

Modern organic logos

If we scrutinize FOREO logo, we notice nothing of significance, and the brand is one neo top players on the beauty market. A minimalistic Scandinavian design it is. The truth is that beauty logos look just like that; there but a few modern trends applied. Designers stress lack of chemicals in goods. Part of those was created when it was almost impossible to experiment in the field. Some companies create their logos in tribute to the tradition. And now, let’s have a look at some logos which aren’t bound to their founders’ surnames.

One of the good examples here is The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba. A creative approach is evident even in naming. The actress preferred word play to her starry name. “Honesty” is a reference to honey and other natural ingredients used in cosmetics formulae. And the insect’s wings in the logo are looking like leaves. All of the above makes an image of natural and safe cosmetics.

The same idea holds true for Juice Beauty brand identicses collaborating with Gwyneth  Paltrow. Bright, sunny juice drop in the logo symbolizes energy, freshness and absence of strong chemicals. An approach focusing on ingredients purity rather than founder names symbolizes a dawn of a new era for beauty logos.

Neo Dark Horses of the Market

Oriental makeup wasn’t really popular until now. Japanese and Korean cosmetics is no exotic thing these days as they have become trends of the new era. So, what do the most famous oriental companies logos look like? One megacorporations called Shiseido has chosen to follow a classic western way. Its logo is comprised of naming alone. Yet the type reminding of tempting body bends or maybe curvy locks is exquisite indeed.

However, not all the companies follow the eastern way. HolikaHolika, for instance, provokes customers by adding butterflies or even sorceresses in its logo. 

You can easily design a logo following one of those ways using Turbologo. A huge data base full of quality fonts, images and templates is sure to guide you too. Will it be the eastern simplicity and rigor or natural easiness and friskiness; the choice is entirely yours. Keep in mind, however, that whatever your design is, it still must be all about elegance since it’s a beauty logo no less. And all the logos in the current article are perfect examples of such!