Top 10 Colleges and Universities that Offer Online Degrees

We are used to receiving higher education within the university walls. Today, when the world is experiencing the COVID-19 crisis, it is high time to adjust to online learning. Still, some find the change from a conventional way to a modern one quite demanding and challenging and stubbornly refuse to give it a try.

Online education is now more accessible than ever before. It offers a flexible schedule, lower tuition fees, and network opportunities. At the same time, there is no substantial variance between online and face-to-face learning. In both cases, you earn a high-quality education if you are willing to put enough effort into studying. For quality online learning, all you need is a computer with high-speed Internet, access to required materials, and helpful resources like: essay writer

Before you apply for an online program, do your research, and find a university or college that meets all your needs and requirements. There are plenty of higher education institutions that offer online degrees, and we want to share several examples with you.

University of Florida

The University of Florida takes tops the list, as it offers approximately 200 programs and certificates online. There are numerous bachelor’s degree master’s degree programs, as well as Ph.D. Fields include advertising, biology, business administration, computer science, criminology, and much more. The online learning process doesn’t differ much from the lessons within the class. There are Skype or Zoom meetings to engage students in studying and create collaboration between them. All online students can request access to UF’s Exclusive Career Services to be motivated by career and employment opportunities.

Number of Online Programs: 200 undergraduate and graduate degrees

Purdue University

It is another university in the US that provides online education. It offers a 3-week introduction period to try classes, get acquainted with the program in detail, and determine whether the chosen field meets your expectations. The studying materials are mobile responsive so that you can access them anytime and anywhere. During studying, you also have an opportunity to participate in seminars, and if you miss it, you have a chance to receive a record.

Number of Online Programs: more than 175 programs

Trine University

Online degrees in Trine University include business administration, healthcare, organizational leadership, engineering, technology, criminal justice, and psychology. Some courses lead to high demand career opportunities, especially programs like healthcare administration and organizational leadership. To start an undergraduate degree, one needs a high school diploma or GED certificate. Also, degree seekers can apply for some programs to receive graduate credits while finishing the undergraduate degree.

Number of Online Programs: 6 associate degrees; 11 bachelor’s degrees; 6 master’s degrees

Colorado State University: Global Campus

The curriculum of Colorado State University has aligned with industry demands. The courses are diverse: for those who need to finish the degree, or succeed in their career, or become more educated in the chosen field. If you want to earn the degree as soon as possible, this university is the right choice, because classes start every month.

Number of Online Programs: 13 bachelor’s degrees; 13 master’s degrees

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois has multiple benefits. It is innovative; this university was also the first to launch the very first fully functional online course. Also, it offers a MOOC-based degree with Coursera, so there is no doubt about its program and education level. Students have access to prior learners’ resources to review the best works. By the way, some online programs have received awards for excellence.

Number of Online Programs: 14 bachelor’s degrees; 12 master’s degrees; 16 graduate certificates

Arizona State University

The online courses of Arizona State University are a complete learning experience; they are innovative and collaborative. The university offers a wide range of business courses, which focus on the development of leadership skills. Progress throughout the course is available through various methods. It includes all the necessary tools to check the level of understanding of materials, to implement mutual projects and to increase participation. You can always stay in touch with advisors and instructors through Slack. You can always find useful information at

Number of Online Programs: 36 bachelor’s degrees; 24 master’s degrees; 26 graduate certificates

LeTourneau University

It has courses in different fields, including computer information systems, criminal justice, human services, and aviation management. The university cares a lot about online students’ success: it offers various kinds of support, such as tutoring and academic guides. Other resources are available to help students with time and stress management.

Number of Online Programs: 14 bachelor’s degrees; 18 master’s degrees

Regis University

Regis is one of the leading universities that offer to obtain an online degree. It boasts the mathematics and sciences programs. The university’s nursing and health science programs are highly distinguished. Besides, a lot of degrees are for accelerated courses, and instead of 16-week learning, you can opt for 8-week.

Number of Online Programs: 29 bachelor’s degrees; 31 master’s degrees

Texas Tech University

Texas University has two options: fully online courses or hybrid. The latter needs the attendance of some lessons at the university. The employment rate for graduates in business courses is 90%, which is quite impressive.

Number of Online Programs: 16 bachelor’s degrees; 37 master’s degrees; 6 doctoral degrees

Northeastern University

At Northeastern University, you can choose your favorite online program among more than 80. Students who have succeeded in the 2-year program can choose further fields like analytics, digital communication and media, and health management.

Number of Online Programs: 10 bachelor’s completion degrees; 23 master’s degrees