WordPress Website Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Nearly 71 percent of small businesses recognize the importance of having a digital presence.

One of the best ways to build an online presence for your business is by having a professional looking website. For years, business owners have been using WordPress websites to showcase the products and services they offer.

Using WordPress is a great way for you to get appealing themes and a high-degree of website functionality. Just like with any other medium, there are some mistakes that can be made when using WordPress and here are some of them.

Using Too Many Plugins Can be Problematic

One of the most appealing features that come with a WordPress website is the vast array of plugins available. There is a plugin to solve just about any problem that you may be having during the construction and maintaining of one of these sites. The main issue inexperienced business owners have with these plugins is using too many of them.

Having too many plugins working on a WordPress site can lead to the speed of the site suffering. Before downloading and activating a plugin, you need to make sure you really need it. You should also do a bit of research on a particular plugin before downloading it to make sure it will not conflict with the theme you are currently using.

Failing to Monitor Comments

Allowing comments on the blogs you post on your website is a great way to interact with your audience. However, some of the comments you get on your content may be considered spam. The only way to rid your page of this spam is by continuously monitoring your comments.

Using the Akismet plugin is a great way to filter out this spam with ease. Once you install this plugin, you will need to activate it with an API key. Each time a comment is made on your website, this plugin will send you an email alert.

Overusing The Categories Feature

Each time you post a new blog, you will need to put it into a category. By doing this, you make it much easier for search engines to find and catalogue your content. The biggest mistake that most new WordPress users make in regard to categories is creating a new one each time they post.

Creating a new category each time a post is made will use up a lot of the memory on your site. This can result in slower page loading speeds and a host of other problems. Having a handful of categories to filter your content is a great way to avoid these issues.

Forgetting All About Mobile Users

Since nearly half of the traffic on Google comes from mobile devices, making your WordPress website responsive is a must. Failing to make your site accessible to mobile users can lead to you missing out on a lot of sales opportunities. With the assistance of an experienced web designer, you will be able to create and accessible and appealing website.

Attempting to build your own WordPress website will usually end in disaster. Instead of having to deal with long-term functionality issues caused by a DIY design, hiring an experienced web designer is a must.