5 Effective WordPress Tips You Will Appreciate

WordPress stands out as a tremendous solution that is perfect for creating websites and blogs. You can use free or paid themes that make it so easy to customize everything that the visitor sees so there is a pretty good possibility that you will use the CMS system sooner or later as 26.4% of the web uses it. If you’re starting a site with WordPress, you want to start off on the right foot. Here are some effective tips that you’ll want to remember:

1. Avoid Neglecting Your Site

Because of your busy schedule, it is easy to neglect your site and end up not updating it. Neglecting a blog/website is bad and you want to avoid this by creating a posting schedule. The schedule will help you to stick to it and if possible, try to create content for several days in a row. When you do this the content is going to be shared at the appropriate days and in the event that something pops up, you can easily focus on that and then schedule again, allowing you to not miss a day.

2. Increase Speed & Avoid Unnecessary Plugins

Because of the fact that it is really easy to add plugins and many of them are free, so many WordPress users make the mistake of simply adding too many. This is something that you need to avoid at all costs because it will make the site slower. Just use those plugins that you actually need. Speaking of speed, there a variety of ways you can make WordPress faster by changing your web host and performing other optimizations.

3. Improving the WordPress Editor

Much of the time that is spent in WordPress takes place inside the editor. In order to use it properly, think about the following:

  • Use spellchecks to be sure that no spelling mistakes appear.
  • Remove formatting as text is copied from another location as that can have a negative impact on the appearance of the entire page you publish since layouts can be affected.
  • Shift + Return – this option will create line breaks. You can use them instead of paragraphs, allowing you to keep content and headers together.

4. Show Your Author Info at the Bottom of Each Post

Authorship is really important for a WordPress based site. However, many of the themes do not actually show the author information inside the post. You want to show it off because it will build authority for yourself and increase trust amongst your readers. Look for a plugin that allows you to add author info to the bottom of each post.

5. Tag Photos

This is one of the easiest on-site modifications that you can make to improve on-site SEO and few people actually know about it. You are told that you should add an ALT attribute to an image. This is definitely a good idea but take it one step forward. Name your photos based on keywords used and utilize the Caption function. This will make everything better and will help you to get more traffic from search engines.


And that’s our tips for starting off with WordPress! Good luck and happy blogging!