Mailchimp Alternatives: Where To Go When You Need More

Are you ready to graduate from Mailchimp? Mailchimp has been a stand-by email marketing tool for thousands of small businesses over recent years. It’s a great place to start with easy-to-use tools for basic newsletter design and distribution, but if you’re desiring to do even more with your email ecommerce marketing program this year, it may be time to move on. Here are some great mailchimp automation alternative to consider.

1. Omnichannel Marketing Automation From Omnisend

Omnichannel marketing is the next wave of email marketing development. This completely integrated user experience means that you as a business will be able to reach your customer through whichever channels they access throughout the day including social media, email, phone, SMS, and others with one campaign.

By taking advantage of a tool like Omnisend, you will be able to automate your email marketing campaign through a visual workflow and easy-to-use email builder. Simply collect email addresses with unique landing pages, creative pop-up windows, and wheel-of-fortune prompts.

As an alternative to Mailchimp, Omnichannel delivers so much more. Check out the company’s free plan, which provides you with the capacity to send up to 200 emails per day or 15,000 emails per month at no charge. Paid plans are available with advanced features and additional capacity at reasonable prices.

2. SendinBlue Provides SMS Access and Quick Campaigns

SendinBlue is not as comprehensive as Omnisend; however, it offers a visual composer that makes creating an email campaign very quick and easy. In addition, you can leverage SMS in your email campaigns through this tool, and it provides creative workflow options for you to consider.

If you’re looking for just a little more than Mailchimp has to offer, then consider SendinBlue as a mid-range option.

3. ActiveCampaign Dials Up Email Marketing to CRM Levels

As perhaps the most sophisticated tool on the market today, ActiveCampaign is really much more than an email ecommerce marketing tool. It would be an excellent option for marketers who are familiar with conventional CRM systems.

Businesses seeking to manage many domains, each with their own email lists, can tap into ActiveCampaigns many options, tools, and services. However, users may need to invest significant time to really maximize the capabilities and offers of this complex tool.

4. Campaigner Offers Email Marketing Automation

Besides providing email automation workflows for new orders, Campaigner offers things to help you improve future campaigns as well.

For example, you can conduct A/B testing on just about any component of your email campaign from subject lines to deliver times before investing in a larger campaign.

Content for email communication as well as audiences can be customized for each campaign and efficiency measured through reports.

5. Zoho Provides Integrated, Customized Solutions

Similar to the other email tools available, Zoho offers a solution that automates email campaigns, provides testing, and tracks efforts so your company can always be improving.

It provides a CRM-arm as well, integrating email contact information into a CRM system. Taking advantage of all that Zoho has to offer may increase the time and money required to get up and running, but a free account is available so you can peruse the basic features first.


Because email marketing is such an effective way to reach customers and capture sales, many options are available today. Not every tool will be the best fit for your online store, so its important to do your homework.

Take the time to research your options and select the best tool that fits your company, its marketing goals, and your business objectives. Finding the right tool can help boost your bottom line to new levels.