20 Unique Cool 404 Error Pages for Inspiration

Having a good Error 404 page is perhaps as important as having great contents. 404 Error Pages you might have seen them often while surfing a website. The main reason behind this error is  change in URL structure due to which server do not respond properly to your request. So it’s good to take in consideration customizing the 404 page and prevent the users leaving your website.

We’ve previously showcased you WordPress header designs and best jQuery sliders, so today, in this article I have compiled 20 creative 404 error pages for your inspiration. Error 404 page is mandatory and if you currently don’t have one, choose your favorite 404 error page for your website.

1. Simplistic 404

Simplistic 404 is a simple, yet visually please and powerful “404 Page Not Found” design with easy to customize features and 6 different color schemes.

Simplistic 404

2. TheLoop Error Page Template

TheLoop is a unique new Error page template. Fully customizable and browser compatible (Chrome,Firefox, Opera,Safari, IE8 , IE9 ).

TheLoop Error Page Template

3. Cloudy – 404 Error Page

Cloudy is 404 Error Page that will fit for all websites. It provides, scrolling background item (which is easy configurable), Cufon replacement, you can easily change it to all kind of error pages, search form and back to home button.

Cloudy - 404 Error Page

4. InFamous – Modern 404 Error Page

InFamous is a simple but yet powerful & beautiful Error website template which helps visitors of your website not to close the browser but rather to stay on your website in a friendly and beautiful way.

InFamous - Modern 404 Error Page

5. Modern Custom 404 Error Page

You can use this Modern Custom 404 Error Page pack for any type of errors on your site. It is designed with usability in mind – to help the user get what he wants . It also has an area in footer for navigation, so user can decide where he wants to continue his browsing.

Modern Custom 404 Error Page

6. Custom 404 Error Page – Missing Jigsaw Piece

Missing jigsaw piece custom 404 error page, in two styles; grey and dark gloss. The layout has subtle embossed text effects and textures, giving you an original look to the design.

Custom 404 Error Page - Missing Jigsaw Piece

7. Cosmo Error Page

Cosmo Error page. It has all you need – links to your other pages, links to your social profiles, working contact form.

Cosmo Error Page

8. Save me – 404 Error Page

Save me is an unique new error page, that focuses on helping the user through the frustration of getting a website error, in an user friendly and intuitive way.

Save me - 404 Error Page

9. Stylish Grunge Custom Error Pages

Custom error pages with a slightly different look and feel, previewed with a grunge feel, however very easy to configure to your own style.

Stylish Grunge Custom Error Pages

10. Green Board 404 Error – Page Not Found

Here is a simple, nice way of representing 404 error page. It is designed in the form of a blackboard with 404 written in a scratchy way and has clean fonts being used to write the rest of the content.

Green Board 404 Error - Page Not Found

11. Stylish 404 Error Page – 5 Color Schemes

Forget about the old and obsolete 404/500/503 error pages – with this stylish custom 404/500/503 error page, your users eyes will be delighted instead of frustrated, when they encounter an error.

Stylish 404 Error Page - 5 Color Schemes

12. ak – 404 Error Pages

ak 404 error pages – 8 in 1. These template pages can use for 404 errors on your web site. It comes by 8 different themes.

ak - 404 Error Pages

13. Fancy Jquery 404 Error Popup

This is a JQUERY script that is simple, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to display 404 error in fancy popup box on the current page instead of redirecting to 404 page.

Fancy Jquery 404 Error Popup

14. Stunning 404, 500 etc Error Pages – Search 7 Themes

High quality, extremely flexible professional error pages for a wide range of applications. Make sure you don’t lose visitors – provide useful, helpful, informative error pages to keep them at your website!

15. Modern Error Page Template 25 in 1

These template pages can be user for any HTTP errors on your website. It comes in 5 color variations (purple, blue, red, green and orange) and 5 error codes (401, 403, 404, 500 and 503).

Modern Error Page Template 25 in 1

16. Smart 404 Page

A Simple 404 Error Page in 6 Different Color Variations with there respective psd’s.

Smart 404 Page

17. Creative 404 Error Page

Error pages are often overlooked by many designers. No more ugly 404/503/500 pages! Produce the wow effect.

Creative 404 Error Page

18. 404 Pingu Error Page

Funky Pingu 404 page. Suitable for every website. Give it a try!

404 Pingu Error Page

19. Sleek Server Error Pages – 404, 403, 500, more!

This is a clean, web 2.0 design for website / server error pages. It is flexible and very easy to customize. It comes with 5 of the most common error pages (404, 403, 401, 500 and 503) but it’s very easy to add more if needed.

Sleek Server Error Pages - 404, 403, 500, more!

20. 404 Idea Style

Beautiful 404 Error Page inspired by Idea Template. Site links included for better user experience.

404 Idea Style

Do you have a good Error 404 pages? or is there any good Error 404 pages we’ve missed? Please drop us a comment, we love to know.