10 Reasons to Select Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting offers many benefits to a website and hence, preferred by the majority of webmasters across the globe. In comparison to shared hosting, it’s far more secure, business friendly and resourceful. In spite of costing more, dedicated web hosting ensures a range of benefits found nowhere else. In this article, we would discuss 10 reasons to select dedicated web hosting.

Self reliance

One of the foremost benefits of dedicated hosting is self reliance, as a dedicated resource is available to you. With this arrangement, a website gets to utilize all the resources by itself without having to share anything with anyone. When a website is hosted on a dedicated serve, its overall performance remains higher and it benefits the owner immensely.

Enhanced security

Dedicated web hosting is often selected by the websites and companies who’re more concerned with the security aspect. The website would be more secure as it does not have to share the resources with any other website. It means, bad websites with dubious intentions would never find an opportunity to harm your website in any ways. Being alone on the server, the website would prosper without any hiccup and with enhanced security.

Improved performance

Improved performance is another reason of selecting a dedicated hosting arrangement by the majority. The overall performance of the hosted website would remain higher, as all the resources are being used by it solely. From disk space to CPU time, everything is dedicated to the cause and the website is bound to perform better. After all, every website wants to perform better to add value to the business.

A sense of reliability

Many a time, dedicated hosting is selected by the majority of users and webmasters to get a sense of reliability. The reliability factor comes from using a dedicated server, committed resources and almost zero interference of others. Many prefer this sort of arrangement on the basis of improved performance and enhanced security that ultimately add to the reliability quotient.

Customization facility

Getting customization facility is another reason why most of websites prefer dedicated web hosting. In this arrangement, the server can be tweaked to meet a range of specific needs to let the business flourish to a great height. More features could be added, more bandwidth could be used and more disk space can be utilized only through this form of hosting. The server can be customized to the extent of meeting all the needs to add value in the business.

Custom configuration facility

Custom configuration is another facility that prompts many to select dedicated web hosting arrangement. On most occasions, a website needs a set of specific software to be either installed or configured to produce the best results. A shared hosting would never allow the flexibility of anything extra than the already offered; however, the dedicated server comes handy for these situations to let the business grow without any hiccup.

Custom Firewall

The ability to run own custom firewall is one of the biggest reasons to select dedicated hosting arrangement. Herein, a website is free to control its own access control measures to add to the level of security. When security is a big concern everywhere, this facility make dedicated hosting a sure-shot formula of good performance and optimum result. After all, a well-managed and secure website is bound to fetch good results than the rest.

Personal IP address

Getting a specific IP address is another foremost advantage of dedicated server that prompts many to go for it. In shared hosting, a single IP address is used by many websites and this causes a lot of performance related issues. From traffic to performance, a range of issues crop up when a shared ID address is used by many. A single IP address saves you from a lot of inconveniences and hence, is a good choice to have.

 Fast website speed

Speed of the website is another major concern which is considered by many for taking the dedicated hosting arrangement. If the website’s speed remains higher, its overall performance would always remain better. Fast loading web pages catch more visitors and only dedicated hosting can ensure fast speed. After all, no one wants to compromise with the fate of the business, ever.

Upgrade facility

Upgrade facility is another reason why most of users always prefer dedicated hosting for the website. With upgrade facility, disk space, memory and processors can be added any time in the future to compliment. This kind of flexibility is essential to grow alongside the business and take it to a new level. This kind of flexibility is either not available in the shared hosting, or available in limited measure.


Dedicated web hosting ensures a range of business prospects by enabling enhanced security, improved speed and better performance to the website. This article has listed 10 reasons to select dedicated web hosting, and invites users to add more to the list.

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