35 Beautiful Examples of Vintage in Web Design

Amongst the thousands of website designs available on the Internet today site owners are doing whatever they can do to make their site stand out in the crowd. Therefore some site owners are taking a U-turn from modern day designs and are going 50 years backwards in search for a good design for their website. In short they are using vintage designs to beautify their site.

Vintage design represents the art that existed in the time period between the 1950s and 1980s. The vintage design elements reflect some old fashioned trends, styles and objects that had been an integral part of our past lives. Such elements create a feeling of nostalgia, awaken feelings and emotions that were sleeping from long within your customers.

Now suppose you like the vintage idea and want to implement it on your site but you are faced with the following questions. What elements should you use to create a genuine vintage atmosphere? What colors should you select? What type of graphics will produce the best effect?

To help you find out the answers I have collected 35 beautiful vintage sites below. Clicking on the appropriate links will take you to the respective home page of the site.

1. Prospect Denim

Prospect Denim

2. Design Garage

Design Garage

3. Fore Fathers

Fore Fathers

4. Buy Vintage Clothing

Buy Vintage Clothing

5. Cheesetique


6. Code Slingers

Code Slingers

7. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

8. Mom & Popcorn

Mom & Popcorn

9. Lataka


10. Dawg House

Dawg House

11. Team Fanny Pack

Team Fanny Pack

12. Really Rose Berry

Really Rose Berry

13. Kitschen Sink

Kitschen Sink

14. The New York Moon

The New York Moon

15. The Shoppe At Flat Woods

The Shoppe At Flat Woods

16. The Three Penny Editor

The Three penny Editor

17. Torpedo Juice

Torpedo Juice

18. Gary Nock

Gary Nock

19. Eighty Two Design

Eighty Two Design

20. Filigrooves


21. Friendly Gents

Friendly Gents

22. Huxley Prairie Festival

Huxley Prairie Festival

23. Sniper vs Spy

Sniper vs Spy

24. Target scope

Target scope

25. The Big State Festival

The Big State Festival

26. Two Fish Illustrations & Design

Two Fish Illustrations & Design

27. We Can Do It

We Can Do It

28. Antique Piano Shop

Antique Piano Shop

29. Actor Voice

Actor Voice

30. Andrian Baxter

Andrian Baxter

31. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

32. The Dollar Dreadful

The Dollar Dreadful

33. Prahba Creative Minds

Prahba Creative Minds

34. Custom


35. Devotchka


I hope you liked and enjoyed the above collection. Please drop in a comment below to let me know what you think about these vintage designs.

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