How to Sell Your Web Design Template on Social Media

When selling anything online, it’s important to know that social media serves as one of the best ways to inform people about it.

Millions of people use social media as a means of communication. However, it’s also a ‘marketplace’ for products. Since you can connect to millions of users from around the world, it’s a great platform to sell something.

Another thing you can sell in social media is web design templates. However, advertising these on social media requires a well-formed campaign.

A lot of web designers often have a hard time selling their products since they’re confused about how to start. Fortunately, there are some steps that web designers can use whenever they want to sell their templates. All they need to follow are these tips:

Start Creating your Brand

To begin selling your templates via social media, make sure you create your own brand first. If you already have a company name, start creating a profile for it on your desired social media website. With a working profile, others can finally view your company, along with the templates you’re selling. For more potential customers, you should create profiles for more than one social media platform.

Visit Groups

Another technique some web design experts do in social media is by marketing their web design services in social media groups. In Facebook, it’s best to search for groups that allow you to sell your templates. In other words, you should search for group pages meant for freelancers and bloggers that are working online. These are the right groups where you can find professionals and groups that are looking for a template to purchase.

Spread the Message

It’s also important to promote online: through instant messaging. Just message a friend or a freelance/blogger that is following you online. Also, ask them if they have friends who might need some web design templates for their websites as well. All you have to do is send a message to them, and you will already have your chance to sell a template or two.

Always Provide Updates

If you already have the social media page for your templates, never forget to update it all the time. Consistent online services tirelessly update their social media profiles to ensure people that they’re still active. Otherwise, most will think that you’re not selling anymore. Just keep on posting news about your business, and inform your followers about your new templates for sale.

Social Media Tools Always Help Out

Lastly, use social media tools like Vibbi. Vibbi specializes in providing an easy way to operate your Instagram social media profile. if you’re aiming to create a marketing strategy, there are numerous features that you might find very useful in most social media templates in order to effectively attract potential customers. It even includes statistics based on your posts to help you with making strategies for promoting your services.


These are very simple yet outstanding tips that most web designers apply to get a template sold. Following a plan to advertise your web template should be your priority. Stick to the plan, and you’ll eventually succeed.