10 Methods of Marketing Your Business to Mobile Users

The mobile internet is surpassing the normal internet in every facet. Itís undeniable. And the truth of the matter is that it will only continue to grow exponentially. Itís easy to carry a laptop around, but that can get cumbersome eventually, and they donít fit easily in your pockets when you are constantly on the go. Tablets and smartphones, however, can go with you everywhere and can get you the same information, with some minor exceptions.

Because mobile internet is still a relatively new thing, not everyone has truly become mobile-friendly. Google has set out to change that by deindexing all websites that arenít optimized for mobile devices.

If you want to capitalize on the mobile trend, embrace the power that is the mobile internet and make content readily available. You can quite literally give buying power to everyoneís fingertips.

10 Methods to Market Your Business to Your Mobile Users

  1. Responsive web design

It goes without saying that if your website canít be viewed on tablets or smartphones, you are missing out on the largest chunk of internet users. Itís way past time to update your website to be responsive. Besides being beneficial to tablet and smartphone users; you are making it easier for your PC users who love having multiple windows up at a time that are sized to their liking.

Every major CMS (Content Management System) has responsive design templates that should be incorporated into your non-responsive website on your chosen platform. This will also include how you use your popups, opt-ins, and exit intents on your mobile friendly website.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media, in any format; is not only for the common manís use. Companies are there, both big and small; with good reason. The wealth of the internet users tend to use social media as a way to test you out by looking for comments and reviews on your products, services, and companies as a whole. The portion of that user base that are companies are checking out their competition. And many companies fail to grasp that social media isnít meant to spam out this weekís newest deal. Itís a place where you can connect with people, share stories and events, then the occasional advertisement. For companies, itís also a leading way to incorporate opt-ins for your email list.

But thatís not all. Depending on what kind of service or product you offer, itís a great way to get the word out if the unspeakable happens. Think about it for a moment, isnít it nice when a company comes forth and tells you that they have a data center down and the internet connections are slow, and that they are working on it; instead of everyone else griping how that company is not living up to their 99.9% uptimes, have a premium cost for subpar service or products? When social media is used in the correct ways, it really just adds to your overall look and feel as a company.

  1. Mobile friendly email marketing

Itís a well known fact that email marketing offers the biggest ROI when it comes to making a sale to having a lasting and raving repeat loyal customer. Businesses can make the most of this by having mobile friendly email campaigns as well. Remember screen real estate sizes are typically small so the competition for viewing space is at a premium.

Subject lines should short and to the point and have good preheader texts. Make sure they are also concise and actionable. Mobile email recipients wonít read through a life story in an email. Besides, you want to quickly convert them to a webpage where they can learn more and then be cycled through a sales funnel.

  1. Tailor content for your micro-moments

A micro-moment is defined as†a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information that can either be consumed or acted upon. This means setting up your impulse options. This isnít reserved for just a quick sale either. This is a good way to do all your business endeavours, from subscribing, to an email list, to that final purchase.

Think of your grocery store checkout. What do they all have in common? Thereís generally cold soft drinks and magazines surrounding the lane. These are that grocery storeís impulse buys. Especially when you consider just how many people go grocery shopping with their children. This is the same feeling you want for your audience.

  1. Cross channel promotions

Did you ever buy that new smartphone that had ringtones from a specific musical artist already packaged in? Have you ever seen similar things to this? Welcome to cross channel promotions. In essence, youíre doing it right now with your online ads for your services or products.

Depending on your niche, you can really dive into some serious cross channel promotions. We hear it on the radio and see it on the television. Go online for more information about this or that product and service which is simultaneously advertised on the radio. We are pummelled with commercials telling us the reasons why we should purchase xyz or use abc, and to follow them on social media. †There are many ways you can incorporate this style of promotions to suit your needs.

  1. Create seasonal engagement programs

Seasonal programs keep consumers engaged with timely content. This can be anything from offering your customers discounts to exclusives. It doesnít have to be during the normal holidays either. You can create your own promotional seasons.

By making your own seasonal holidays, you are making your own hype. Adding to the normal holidays is just a bonus.

  1. Make opt-outs easy and seamless

Itís understandable that you wouldnít want people to unsubscribe or unfollow you. But it leads to bad business practices if you arenít. †The best practice is to have an option to unsubscribe or stop receiving notifications with every email sent.

  1. Create an app for your product or service

Many companies are incorporating apps into their mobile marketing strategy. Ranging from push notifications to maps that can actually guide you through physical stores.

  1. Incorporate SMS and QR codes

It is a lot easier to access people directly with SMS than it is to email them. However, you will need to gain permission and a timetable that you can send them promotional information or coupon codes, or early access sales.

  1. Be Passbook friendly

Passbook originated with Apple and allowed people to carry virtual coupons, loyalty cards, and digital IDs. However, even the android phones have hopped onto the bandwagon. This is a great way to offer some value and incentive for signing up to your email list. And itís a nice way to promote your business.

Ignoring mobile marketing can prove rather detrimental for your business. However, if you embrace the fact that the use of mobile devices is not only on the rise but here to stay, youíll have a much better chance of adapting your marketing strategy and targeting mobile users.