6 Effective Ways to Use Images and Videos in Your E-Commerce Website

Nowadays, most people prefer to buy products online sitting in the comfort of their home and thatís the main reason why more companies are getting into building high quality, professional e-commerce websites. The success of an e-commerce website largely depends upon how effectively they manage the product images and videos.

Importance of Great Images and Videos in an E-Commerce Website

What is the first thing you check when you are buying a product from an ecommerce website like Amazon? Of course, it is the image of the product you are planning to buy, right? But, if the image displayed is not proper and you are not able to see the product clearly, then, will you buy the product? Just like you, most customers out there will never buy a product if the quality of the image displayed in the E-Commerce website is of poor quality.

According to the research conducted by experts, it is believed that 65% of the online buyers make a purchase depending upon the quality of image and videos displayed in the E-Commerce website. It also reported that larger images increase sales by 9%. Therefore, today, companies are very much concerned about improving the quality of images and videos used in the WordPress website so that they get more customers and increase their business.

6 Ways Product Images and Videos Improves Your Website

  1. Use Natural Lighting: Whatever be the type of image, natural light works the best. You should shoot the picture of your product in natural light during day time so that the product is clearly visible, bright and looks natural.
  1. Showcase Your Product Features: Most buyers prefer watching an image or video of the product rather than reading the description of the product. Therefore, it is important to use quality images and videos that can showcase the features of the product you are selling so that the buyers get a fairly good view of the product before making the purchase.
  1. Make Use of Tripod: When taking pictures of the products you are going to display in your E-Commerce website, it is good to make use of a tripod to take pictures with less blur, ensure it is crisp and there is no shake. By using a tripod, it is easy to take good quality images; you just need to keep your product in the right place to get high quality pictures.
  1. Use Videos and Images as a Salesperson: High quality videos and images in your e-commerce website help to attract maximum customers by showcasing the features and making them buy your product. The images and videos should communicate the product features to customers and provide them with clear information to help them make a decision just as a salesperson does. With professional quality videos and images in place, customers can make the purchase online without feeling that it is essential to go to a shop to see the product and the various features it has to offer.
  1. White Background for Your Images: When you are putting pictures of your product in the website, it is important to keep in mind that the pictures need to look 100% professional. By using a neutral background or white background, you can give a professional touch to your product pictures. White background also helps the buyer to focus on the product and its features rather than looking at the fancy background color.
  1. Optimize Your Images and Videos for Mobile Shopping: Today, more than 90% online shopping happens through the Smartphone. Therefore, it is important to optimize your image and videos so that it looks perfect in a Smartphone. People will switch over to another website if the images or videos are not displayed properly, take lot of time to load, or are cropped awkwardly. Images and videos should display correctly, so that customers can take a quick decision.

This article is written by James from www.bestmattress-brand.org