4 Ways to Protect Your Email Address Present on WordPress Site from Hackers?

Have you been receiving a lot of spam emails of late? Do you feel that the increase in the amount of spam emails is after you have launched your WordPress website? If the launching of your WordPress website has resulted in your mailbox being bombarded by spam emails, then, it is time to check the security features of your website and take the necessary actions to protect your email address and WordPress website.

What is Email Spamming?

Email spamming is a process by which hackers scan your website and the internet to get your email address, so that they can send plenty of garbage emails. Believe it or not, today, email spamming is a huge business. There are thousands of hackers out there who keep trying to access your email address present in websites to send spam emails and cause trouble.

Sometimes, hackers send viruses along with spam emails and when you open the email, it can attack your computer and damage your system permanently. Some spammers also try to collect vital information like your password, bank account details and details about your social networking account.

Therefore, it is important to protect the email address present in the WordPress sites from hackers and avoid getting spam emails.

4 Ways to Protect Your Email Address

## Installing Email Address Encounter Plug-in Tool ##

One of the easiest ways to protect your email address present in your WordPress website from hackers is to use the WordPress Email Address Encounter plug-in. There are a number of filters in the tool that encode your email address and protect it from hackers. The easy to install plug-in tool will encode all the email addresses present in your website and make it difficult for hackers to crack it. In this way, you can easily prevent your mailbox from being hoarded with spam emails.

## Obfuscate Your Email Address with the Help of Plug-ins”

If your WordPress website has many email addresses, then another useful way to protect your email address from hackers is to obfuscate your email address. The obfuscate plug-in tools will replace the “mailto” links present in your WordPress website with codes so that hackers find it hard to find the email address and send spam emails.  One of the best plug-ins to perform obfuscate is the “Obfuscate Email Address” plug-in. The plug-in prevents hackers from getting your email address but at the same time retains the appearance of your email address and functionality of the hyperlinks present in your web site. The main advantage of this plug-in is that it protects your email address from hackers and at ensures that genuine visitors have no problems.

## Do not Show Your Email Address ##

You can avoid displaying your email address in the WordPress website and thus prevent hackers from hacking your email address and sending thousands of spam emails. Today, there are various methods for allowing visitors to get in touch with you. You can replace your email address with more meaningful contact forms. Companies can also look out for other means like thank you form or newsletter to get in touch with their visitors and at the same time avoid spam emails.

## Replace Email Addresses ##

This option is for those who are not comfortable with above 3 options for protecting their email address from hackers. In this option, you will have to search for your email address and replace it with “”. For example, search for mailto:xxx@xxx.xxx and then replace it with “”. So when visitors click on mailto link, it will automatically direct them to your contact page and prevent hackers from hacking your email address.

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