3 Types of Crowdfunding – A Guide on How to Master Crowdfunding Platforms

Want to learn how to create a crowdfunding website? We’ll explain the main crowdfunding types to help you get a better understanding of what your company needs.

If you’re apart of the startup industry, then you already know the impact of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has always been a popular topic, and the growth of crowdfunding platforms has given it a newer meaning.

So the question stands, should you create a crowdfunding website? Well if you understand the crowdfunding market and is ambitious, then you’re ready to go. In this post, we’ll discuss the different tools, websites, and frameworks that you can use to make your own platform.

Open Source Crowdfunding

You can use some of the open source crowdfunding platforms out there. However, creating a crowdfunding platform using open technology will require a lot of bug-fixing and management. So you should consider using open source crowdfunding if you have the ability to build the platform itself or you can hire an intelligent developer.

WordPress Crowdfunding Platforms

One quick and easy way to create a crowdfunding website is through using WordPress. There are a myriad of WordPress Themes that you can use to get started. Here are some WordPress themes that you can use to make your crowdfunding platform.

  • Funding Press
  • Ignition Deck
  • Startup Idea Crowdfunding WP

White Label Crowdfunding Platforms

For those who don’t know what “White Label” means, it’s a way that a company creates a service or a product, but it then transferred later to companies as apart of their intellectual property.

There are a myriad of white label crowdfunding platforms. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

CrowdValley: CrowdValley is a fundraising platform that can be used for any form of crowdfunding. You can also use it for other financial requirements like real estate investing.

CrowdfundHQ: If you’re looking for a reliable and dedicated white crowdfunding platform, CrowdfundHQ is all you’ll need. The company allows you to try their services for 14 days before you can be prompted to use the paid version.

Launcht: Launcht is the most trustworthy and oldest crowdfunding platforms. The platform came in existence in 2010. Anyone can use Launcht including individuals, colleges, nonprofits, and businesses.

Additional Tips

Besides knowing what type of crowdfunding platforms that are available, we have some extra tips to help you get started:

  • Create an Implementation Strategy: One of the best practices for creating your own crowdfunding platform is to make a plan for its implementation. This will help your team create goals and stick with them.
  • Consider the Legal Implications: Due to the nature of crowdfunding platforms, you’ll want to make sure that your platform complies with the AML and KYC standards. One reason why crowdfunding platforms fail is because they fail to seek consultation on issues related to legal compliance, technical security, and user experience.
  • Don’t Remain in the Development Stage: Getting the entire infrastructure of a crowdfunding structure is important, but so are the other aspects for the crowdfunding process. For example, you have to pay attention to industry trends and reporting analytics to help move your idea beyond its first development stage.


With all of the previous platform listed, you are now deciding which one to choose. Right? Before deciding, you should know that “custom development” surpasses all. This means that you should focus on creating your platform on your own if you want to obtain the most profits.