6 Freelance Programming Sites for Aspiring Developers

Are you a freelance developer that’s looking for a side source of income. Then keep looking at these freelance programming sites in this guide.

Using freelance programming sites is great for developers that are searching for extra money, those who enjoy the benefits of freelancing, and those who want to work on their professional development.

Once you’ve created a good portfolio, there are some websites that you can receive clients based on your skills. Here’s a list of them.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelance site that’s directed towards software engineers, SEO specialists and marketers. The site works to speed up the freelancing process by organizing payments, communication, as well as job management.

Freelancers can send up to 15 free proposals to clients before being prompted to use the paid version. This website is worth viewing for those that are focused on completing any web focused project.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired, freelancers can find work in almost any industry, making it a great choice for programmers looking for extra work. Freelancers will be able to work in 24 different countries with over 12 languages.

Whether you’re a junior developer or a salesperson, there is a client for you. The website includes a blog, location-search, and hiring tips to help new freelancers get started.

I Freelance

I Freelance is a site that attracts coders, writers, and editors, and freelance marketers. The site’s main benefit is that freelancers can keep 100% of their earnings, unlike other freelance programmer sites whose rates and fees vary.

The Creative Group

The Creative Group is a site directed towards web designers, journalists, copywriters, marketers and is apart of a larger staffing agency. Freelancers can find positions such as contract to hire, fulltime, and more. To search, type in the “freelance” filter to edit the search.


Fiverr works oppositely than traditional freelance programming sites. Freelancers can create jobs on what they’re skilled at, rather than clients posting jobs that only freelancers can choose from.

With Fiverr, freelancers can market their skills to companies and place the gigs in categories by using keywords that appear in different searches. At the minimum, Fiverr freelancers receive $5 per project. This is not a requirement, but a starting point for their prices.

Per Hustle

Using geolocation, Per Hustle shows freelancers jobs in real time. The only competition is the other freelancers near your location searching for jobs posted by other companies. Choose to work remotely or in person, and instantly speak to your clients.

When the project begins, the client will deliver funds to the escrow account. After it’s been completed, the freelancer will receive the funds. For freelancers that are looking for quick jobs within their area, Per Hustle will be a great resource.


No matter what best freelance programming sites you choose, you’ll have a lot of opportunities available. As a programmer, we suggest that you create a portfolio of your latest projects to increase your chances of landing a gig. By using these sites, you can start living your life the freelance way.

Do you have any questions about using a freelance site? Tell us in the comments below.