Top Tools to Create Interactive Web Forms

In most cases one of the most consuming and frustrating parts while creating a website is the so called web forms. We don’t even have to mention how difficult it gets if you have an advanced form which involves lots of things such as multi-page forms, conditional logic and support for attachments or file uploads and don’t us even get started with the payment platform integration. However, in this topic we would like to save you some trouble and give you brief information on 7 of the best web form tools that will save you lots of time and efforts.


Starting with Wufoo, it is one of the most popular form builders because there are millions of people around the world who are using it. The features of the application include payment integration, custom branding, file uploads (as part of any form), advanced analytical system and of course – instant notifications. There are also more than 150 integrated templates that you can use.

A few words on the prices for this software! They depend on couple of factors such as number of users, form fields, forms and the whole entries you intend to do on a monthly basis. Of course, there is a free plan for 1 user including 10 form fields, 3 forms and 100 monthly entries. Otherwise the paid plans are ranging from 20$/month and are reaching up to 200$.


Proceeding with FormStack – it is another really popular option including lots of great features which are more or less the same as Wufoo’s. For starters, the user interface is quite handy thanks to its drag-and-drop form builder. You can build your own forms in less than a minute. There are lots of features such as conditional logic, HTML5 forms, data export and import, analytics, data encryption, email and captcha validation.

Now the interesting part – the prices! You can test FormStack for a 14 day free trial during which you can try it and decide whether or not it will suit your needs. The paid versions starts from 14$ per month and reaches 160$ up max.


Number 3 on the list is FormSite. It includes lots of cool features such as SSL encryption, payment integration, mobile forms, file uploads, multi-page forms, notifications and the best – integration with third party. You can also easily generate PDF files with the form data you want. Many people are actually using this software and more than happy with the final results.

The plan that you can get from FormSite offers 50 items per form, 5 forms, and 10 monthly entries. The paid versions start from 10$ and can go up to 100$/monthly.

CoffeeCup Web Form Builder

There are lots of things we say about this web form builder but if we have to sum up the information, we will probably not forget to point out features such as building of CSS3/HTML5 forms with no required coding. You can also create forms in order to improve the usability on mobile phones. The interface is also drag-and-drop and it is really easy for usage even if you are not an expert in computers. Plus the software allows you to host your own web forms on a server that you own.

Unlike other software this one is one-time paid – 70$.


If you are looking for some really attractive pricing in features, then you have to take a look at MachForm. Again, it includes drag and drop interface, PayPal integration, email autoresponders and notifications, electronic signature, support of file upload and multi-page forms. The whole interface is truly user-friendly so you will not experience any problems at all.

And speaking of price affordability – there is a one-time fee of 50$ and you can use the software on 1 site including unlimited entries and forms for 1 year. However, the multi-site versions vary from 100$ to 200$.


Now this is one of our personal favorites because it includes great features as WYSIWYG form builder, email notifications, SSL encryption, multi-language forms, integration with lots of third party application, WordPress integration, payment integration and reports and charts.

Lots of people might actually think that the price of such thing is probably going to be high but this is not true! The basic free plan allows you to have 100 entries per month and 5 forms (1 user). However, the paid plans start from 15$ for 1 user including 5000 entries and 20 forms (per month).


Now this form builder stands before others a little bit thanks to its difference. It has almost nothing in common with the above mentioned software. Thanks to this one you can make on-time purchase which will be installed on your own website or server (depending on your needs). Features here include unlimited form fields and forms, intuitive form builder, email notifications (including Twitter and Facebook).

The price is 70$ for 1 user and it includes unlimited entries, forms and updates and support for the next six months.

Besides these useful tools for creating web forms if you want to create your own website online with user-friendly method them IM Creator could be a wiser choice in this regard.