Why is Premium Hosting Different and What is It?

Many Web hosting companies offer premium hosting that provides more power and reliability with less management. These companies will offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and system administrators will deal with updates and maintenance offering hands-off hosting!

Below are the main differences between each type of hosting:

Shared Web Hosting

If you are currently using a shared web hosting and make the switch to premium hosting you will have the ability to host as many websites as you wish and you will be given a certain amount of dedicated RAM. Many offer multiple load balanced virtual machines that act as webservers and because the machines are private it means that other customers cannot have an effect on the performance of your hosting. As part of a premium hosting package it is common to be given a dedicated IP address and there is a service level agreement of a 99.99% uptime. These hosting services will use the most up-to-date technology and the very best hardware which means faster performance and low sharing of resources.

Reseller Hosting

If you are using Reseller Hosting then moving to Premium Hosting will give you dedicated RAM as well as a Dedicated IP address. You will have access to multiple virtual machines that act as webservers which do not suffer from poor performance as a result of other customers. The host servers will come in the form of stare of the art hardware and this leads to a faster and smoother performance and improved sharing of resources.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

If you make the switch from a Virtual Private Server then you will have access to an extended control panel and unlimited disk space as well as† several load balanced virtual machines that work as webservers. This will mean that your site is not susceptible to a single point of failure and that there is also the option to have more RAM. There is no requirement for any management of the server and no need for upgrades.

Hybrid Server

There are several differences between a Hybrid Server and premium hosting† and in the same way as a virtual private server there is an extended control panel accompanied by unlimited disk space. The two load balanced virtual machines that work as a webserver are not affected by other customerís which helps to improve performance. As there is no single point of failure there is reliability and there is no requirement for server management or upgrades.

Dedicated Server

Choosing to move from a dedicated server comes with no requirement for server management and there are multiple load balanced virtual machines that work as webservers and because of the underlying code it means that customers are not able to affect the performance. Your site will not be susceptible to a single point of failure and the unlimited disk space will ensure that storage is never an issue. All upgrades are handled automatically with a reboot being the only requirement.

Can Premium Hosting work for me?

The answer to this is essentially down to what you want to take from your web hosting and what it will be used for. If you want extra power and support and you are willing to pay more then Premium Hosting can be a serious consideration for you. If you are looking for full control and power along with root access and the ability to install anything you wish then the other VPS, Hybrid Server or Dedicated Server options mentioned above may be more suitable for you. If you want the right balance between price and performance for you website then shared hosting can work perfectly well.