3 Ways To Get More Eyes On Your Blogs

While the acts of writing a blog and publishing it on your content management system arenít that difficult in and of themselves, finding success with these two ventures takes a little more than just doing the minimal amount of work. In order to get the movement and traction you want with your blog, whether itís for business or personal purposes, youíve got to put in the effort necessary to get the maximum amount of eyes on your content.

Although this can be difficult to achieve with each blog you write, there are things you can do that will increase your chances of having more popular and well read blogs. To show you how, here are three things you can start doing now that will bring more loyal readers to your blogs.

Make People Want to Read and Share Your Content

Even if youíre currently in an industry that many would deem ďboringĒ, you can still have great success with a blog. The trick here is knowing what your target audience wants to read and creating content that fits that mold. According to Neil Patel and Aaron Agius of Quick Sprout, the types of content that readers are most drawn to include interviews with industry influencers, lists of relevant industry information, feature articles about stories of industry successes or failures, and collaborative posts by two well known industry authors. If youíre able to make the majority of your content fit under one of these four categories, you already have a leg up on your competition who may not understand what it takes to write enticing content.

Use Guest Bloggers Occasionally

Especially if youíre just starting out with your blog or havenít found the type of success youíve been wanting after quite a bit of time, one of the best things you can do to get more eyes on your blogs is to take advantage of guest bloggers. According to SocialTriggers.com, itís important to realize that you have to actively be reaching out to guest bloggers within your industry if you want them to contribute to your blog. Passively sitting by and waiting for someone to offer to write for your blog just isnít going to happen. Therefore, youíve got to be networking and interacting with influencers in your online community if you want to have guest blogging work for you. But once youíve gotten over this hurdle, you could see a huge spike in your visitors after publishing a popular guest bloggersí post.

Send Alerts to Subscribers

While you may have a seemingly successful blog with a large number of subscribers, you may feel that youíre not getting the attention that you should be from your subscribers. If the number of visits to your individual posts seems to be smaller than you would anticipate with the amount of followers you have, you may be having issues with getting the word out to your subscribers about your new content.

One way you can alleviate this issue is to come up with a plan to alert your subscribers when you post new content. This can done by making it known that you post content on the same day of each week or month, sending out an email blast, or using SMS to contact your subscribers right on their phones. Because youíd only be sending these targeted marketing materials to people who have already expressed an interest in your content by becoming a subscriber, you donít have to worry as much about coming on too strong.

Thereís a lot more you can do to get more people to read your blogs than simply promoting them on social media. Use the tips mentioned above to help you take your blog to the next step today.