Awesome Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

What could be a better way for an author to promote their books than a blog? After all a blog is content and an author publishes and sells content. So therefore, I’m going to share with you best free WordPress writers and authors themes with you. If you want to promote your articles and books then free download your favourite theme and install it.

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1. The Erudite

A theme for writers who want readers, not visitors, traffic, click-throughs, CPMs or what-have-you.

The Erudite

2. Melville Free WordPress Writer’s Theme

The Melville Free WordPress Writer’s Theme made by Raygun  is a literary theme; clean, beautiful, no distractions or widgets to drive readers’ eyes away.

3. FlexxTheme

FlexxTheme was created for people who want more versatility out of their blogs and websites. Flexx is the ultimate WordPress theme that gives you the greatest potential for one sweet price!


4. Themia Lite

Themia Lite for WordPress is one of the easiest themes to build your Web Presence in 10 Minutes.

Themia Lite

5. Inanis Glass

Fixed w/right sidebar, widget & multi-language ready, 7 reader selectable themes saved by cookie, and default sub-theme is admin selectable.

Inanis Glass

6. Desk Mess Mirrored

Another Basic, writer themed theme. You’d think Personal blogs from aspiring writers were all over the internet, wouldn’t you?

Desk Mess Mirrored

7. Magnolia

This theme was created for the purposes of a WordCamp Louisville presentation. It’s fully functional and can be used for your blog but is probably better as a starting point or learning exercise.


8. Notes Blog Core Theme

The Notes Blog Core theme is meant to work both as a framework to build child themes on, as well as a stand alone clean theme for your perusal.

Notes Blog Core Theme

9. Clear Line

Clear Line is the clear and very lightweight theme. It’s also highly customizable. Fixed or flexible width, 8 sidebar layouts, columnar posts displaying, 14 widget areas etc…

Clear Line

10. Deep Silent

This is 2 column WordPress theme created by MIF Design. In archive you will find more main images.

Deep Silent

WordPress themes are great because they aren’t terribly difficult to customize for web design. However, if you’re an author, you likely don’t wish to take the time to learn WordPress customization.