A Bundle of Free WordPress Plugins for Photographers

WordPress is very user friendly and very easy to learn but for Photographers it may be a problem to learn it at initial stage. Photographers are use wordpress plugins to improvement in photography websites. So in this post, I’m going to share with you very helpful wordpress plugins for photographers. A wide array of capabilities within your site from marketing to showcasing your work.

You will definitely like these articles:

1. Bannerspace Slideshow

Bannerspace is powered by the awesome jQuery Cycle plugin.

Bannerspace Slideshow

2. Fullscreen Galleria

Fullscreen gallery for WordPress. Based on Galleria JavaScript image gallery framework.

Fullscreen Galleria

3. Slideshow Satellite

The goal of this slideshow is to create beautiful ways of displaying content in ways that suit the content you are providing.

Slideshow Satellite

4. ByREV Gallery Pagination for WordPress

This plugin offers the possibility of displaying a photo gallery on multiple pages / pagination gallery!

ByREV Gallery Pagination for WordPress

5. Wp-ImageZoom

Like the Google maps, this plugin makes divided images from an original image in several zoom level and store them as cache.


6. KB Easy PicasaWeb

Picasa users: The simplest way to display a Picasa album inside a page or post. Just put a link to your album in a post; this plugin does the rest.

KB Easy PicasaWeb

7. Dynamic Photo Album

This plugin creates a small photo album in the sidebar of your weblog and shows thumbnails of your photos using visual effects (javascript).

Dynamic Photo Album

8. Fidgetr

Fidgetr is a WordPress widget that displays the latest photos from your Flickr photostream in an attractive manner.


9.  Nearby Flickr Photos

This Worpress widget finds geotagged Flickr photos taken near a given location and displays them.

Nearby Flickr Photos

10. RSSPhoto

A customizable plugin to display photos from an RSS or Atom feed as a widget or shortcode.


Hope you will have liked these cool photographers plugins for wordpress. And you can now sign in here with Facebook or Twitter credentials. So no excuses for not leaving a comment!