Top 8 Free WordPress Plugins for your Blog

When you decide to create a blog, chances are that you are not exactly sure where to start to keep the site fresh and new looking. WordPress has functionality that both neophyte and experts utilize to make a blog and to create a new space, but getting started with the process can be a tedious task if you never used the tool before. WordPress has well over 38,000 plugins that can help you create a secure blog that has a lot of traffic and subscribers looking at your site. Here are eight plugins that a typical blogger should not be forced to live without, and the best part is that these plugins are free.

1. Akismet

This plugin is a requirement for anyone who sees a lot of spam in the comments section of their blog. Akismet will read through all of the posts on your blog and remove any that are full of spam that you do not want on your page. To adequately keep your blog free from spam, the plugin scans millions of web pages and forum communities a day to learn which posts are real and which are spam. As it learns what to look for in a post, the program evolves to keep your blog spam free, which is much more time efficient than you personally looking through every post in the comments.

2. Broken Link Checker

Links are a vital part of any blog, as they play a crucial part in search engine optimization. If a link is broken, then traffic will not be able to flow through the links to the channels that you want them to visit. Broken Link Checker is a plugin that does exactly what it sounds like; it checks your blog to make sure that all of the links posted on the page are working properly. If a link is not functioning as it should, then you will be notified by way of an email or via dashboard so that you can get them up and running again.

3. Shareaholic

One of the most widely used WordPress plugins is Shareaholic, as it is a versatile option that is compatible with most WordPress themes. You can use this plugin to communicate and share images over 50 different platforms, and you can analyze what platforms are getting the most response from users. Using this plugin in conjunction with other WordPress plugins will not slow down the processing power of your blog in any way, and the best part is that this plugin is extremely customizable, so you can adjust it to fit your personal needs.

4. Editorial Calendar

If you like to have an organized blog, then the Editorial Calendar plugin is right up your ally. It allows you to organize the posts that are already on your blog as well as organize the posts that you have planned for the future. You will be able to schedule where the posts will be made and the exact time that they will be created. The customization is amazing and the best part is that you can manage the majority of the posts on your blog using this plugin.

5. Ithemes Security

Hackers are a real concern for WordPress sites; in fact, millions of hacking attempts are made on a daily basis and there are a good bit of them that are successful. One way to help eliminate hacking from occurring to your blog is to be prepared. The Ithemes Security plugin is a popular tool that can provide you with some of the basic security features that you desire. In addition, this plugin also has a number of advanced features that you may find useful. Using a free security plugin is a safer option than having no protection at all.

6. WordPress Mobile Pack

A lot of people today use their phones or tablets as a way to connect, so it is only logical to make sure that your blog can be read on these platforms. This plugin makes it easier for users to interact with your blog from their mobile devices. If you simply want a plugin that makes your blog mobile and has a lot of customizability, then the WordPress Mobile pack is a great option to ensure that when you make a blog, it is accessible to everyone who wants to access it.

7. W3 Total Cache

The speed of your blog is a factor that will determine whether a user will be returning to your blog or not. Letís face it, nobody likes surfing slow websites, so you have to make sure that slowdown is not an issue on your blog, as that can deter users from visiting, especially if there is a similar site that does not suffer from slow down. W3 Total Cache is a plugin that offers performance optimization to improve the user experience when browsing your blog. By using this plugin, you can easily increase the performance of your site by as much as ten times.

8. Contact Form 7

You want anyone who reads your blog to have the ability to contact you easily, so a simple solution is installing this plugin to make it an easier process for your customers and your readers. It is designed to allow you the option to create multiple contact forms that can be used as a way to communicate. You can customize these mail templates to your liking and request as much or as little information from the user as you desire.

Whether you are looking for plugins to enhance the userís experience or plugins that can help the back end of the blog run smoother, there are a plethora of WordPress plug-ns that can be beneficial for running your blog. The plugins listed above are some of the best options that are available and free to use, but there are also many other options that are available as well. If you need help to learn how to create a website and run it successfully, then make sure to do your own research to find great plugins that your website cannot live without.