6 Best Plugins For Your WP Website

Plugins are pieces of software that are compatible with websites or other software to give them additional functionality. WordPress is free software that allows individuals to design and customize their website to their unique preferences. The software provides access to templates, fonts, and images that enables users to create a theme and optimize their bio. Plugins compatible with Word Press improve the functionality and empowers the user in having the ability to modify the features in word press and the creation of new ones. After you create a your first WP website, ask reliable essay service to write a content for you.

Why You Need WP Plugins?

Speeding up your website

Having a fast site is beneficial and it should be one of the priorities in building a website. Amazon is a good example of this as it reports that in 100 milliseconds they speed up their website which results in a 1% increase in revenue. Plugins such as WP Rocket has useful features that result in a fast site.


Having control of your website is crucial to protect it from hackers and bots. Some plugins ensure the security of the website with features such as malware scanning and removal. Professional writers from Writemyessayforme.co.uk recommends Sucuri (Website Security Platform) to keep your website secure. Their service is 100% secure and confidential, they are really good in it!,

WP Forms

The creation of forms has never been made any easier. WP forms utilize a simple drag and drop to create contact, payment, survey newsletter and registration forms with over 100 templates. The form builder is easy to use to increase efficiency and smart workflow for the users. The templates and designs mean that users can find inspiration and do not have to start from scratch each time. The customization is endless thus https://essaykitchen.net/annotated-bibliography/ provides a  guideline on how to utilize the hooks and filters available in the software.

Monster Insights

This is a plugin that is compatible with WordPress that allows users to add, customize and monitor google analytics. The creators of the plugin, Yoast has a credible reputation as they are also responsible for the creation of WordPress SEO plugin which is considered one of the best WordPress SEO plugin available.

Plugin for the first blog report some of the features that make Monster Insights powerful and reliable such as universal tracking and real-time data. These functions provide the site owner with stats on who is online and easily track e-commerce activities. Data is important as it will enable you to improve the interaction between your visitors by understanding how exactly they found about your website and what drew them to it.

GDPR Cookie Consent

Cookie law compliance will never be a difficult task once you add this WordPress Cookie consent plugin to your WooCommerce store. This cookie consent plugin helps you comply with GDPR (variants of GDPR), and CCPA.

In terms of compliance what the plugin actually does is help manage your website cookies including the third-party ones as per the guidelines of the law. You can notify your visitors regarding the presence of cookies on your website by using a fully customizable cookie consent banner. 

Automatic cookie scanner and categorization is a very helpful feature of the plugin which is available only for the premium users. Automatic script-blocking is a common feature for both free and premium versions of the plugin, with the premium version supporting more third-party plugins.

Privacy policy generator, cookie consent storage, Geo IP based cookie notice exclusion, etc., are the additional features of the plugin.

Member Press

This is a plugin that enables users to track and charge website visitors for content, product or service. Member Press is an extremely important plugin for individuals who intend to use their website as a tool for marketing their brand and products. Subscriptions are one way that can generate income for a website owner and therefore you need to make it easy and affordable to the visitors.

The plugin is quick and easy to set up especially with creating a Seamless Payment Gateway Integration. Member Press is affiliated with PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, Authorize.net and Stripe that ensure that the owner can collect payments with ease.

Yoast SEO

This is one of the best search optimization plugins with 5+ million active installations and more than 202 million downloads. The visibility of your website relies on how well you have optimized the site by the use of relevant tags and keywords to the content on the site. However, this process can be time-consuming and sometimes ineffective as an algorithm that gets to determine the relevance and quality of content keep changing.

Yoast SEO is, therefore, able to track and keep up with the high ranking keywords in a particular niche and it offers suggestions to the user when they are uploading their content. One needs to have an idea of how search algorithms work when creating a first WP website.

Constant Contact

This is an email marketing software designed to improve interactions between the content creator, service and product providers with the visitors to the page. Emails are considered the formal mode of digital communication therefore a website should have an active email attached to it so that visitors can contact you.

The software provides a variety of drag and drops templates that make it easy to create professional emails for the website making one of the best WP plugins. Its intuitive design and marketing applications enable the user to create ways to increase engagement in the site, nature relationships and keep hold of random customers who find about your site.

Websites are an important part of digital interactions. They provide an individual with an online presence where there can reach their intended audience and potential customers. Developing a website alone does not guarantee to attract visitors to the site and that’s where plugins come in to optimize the website. The optimization involves a brief description of yourself and what the website is all about.

Additional customization such as theme and fonts should reflect what the website is all about. Most importantly, the plugins make the website run smoothly which acts as an incentive for visitors to stay on your site and see what you have to offer.