HostingRaja: The Best WordPress Website Solution

Experience the benefits of a Strong Website

Whether we are saying about, PHP 7, compression of images or our unique configurations,
we’ve built a forum that illustrates the efficiency obsession our team has with. You are in the
right place at HostingRaja if you are searching for the best plan for WordPress hosting.

1 click installation

You donít need to worry about the hassle of installing WordPress. We will do that for you with
just 1 click.

Don’t ever think about plugin updates again

Every night we make a copy of your website and check plugin changes for you, automatically,
so you don’t need to worry about keeping your website up to date again.

Migrate Your Free Account

When you’re able to switch to Managed WordPress, there’s no need to think about downtime or
other expenses. HostingRaja ensures that your site moves over painlessly between our
white-glove service and automation devices. You should know at every step what is going on,
without having to raise a finger.

Expert Help Staying Up All Night

Our priority number one is to make sure that you feel like our priority number one. Our team
knows WordPress, has profound experience fixing poor performance, and will not leave before
the problems are resolved.

Your project deserves the most stable, high-performance cloud platform, powered by a support
team that specializes in WordPress all. Let’s build together something really big.

Total Access Database

Most hosts restrict the form of server access. Instead, we give you full access to both the server
and the database.

Upgrade When Available

Many hosts have a daily upselling program. If you run a company, then this is the last thing you
want. It’s one of the last things we are going to do too.

Regular Automatic Backups

We take backups every day and have them kept offsite for 30 days. Need to get them restored
or downloaded? It’s only one button press!

Staging App

Testing your site before you go on to live is critical. You get a staging site to be able to do any
testing before any changes are made operational.

Our Own Information Centers

You’re not going to hear us point fingers at other companies. We will handle everything for you,
and secure it.

SSL is automatic

The site you order from us comes with its SSL certificate, at no extra cost to you. No settings, no

Amazing speed

Our platform builds on the new PHP7, SSL and Nginx technologies to increase performance in

Aid 24 Hours a day

Most hosts are locking you into a ticketing scheme. Our Expert Team is available 24/7/365 by
phone, email and chat around the clock.

Fully running WordPress

We make sure you test WordPress so you don’t have to. Stop afraid of those launches. We do
have your back.

Control panel

The control panel plays a critical role in handling the hosting system and the server running
WordPress pages. WP-CLI, Git, and SSH are friends of developers. That’s why we’re making
sure your developer has access to them on every platform you order.

100% refund

To some extent, the money-back policy is your payment protection, as it allows you to obtaining
a refund if you are not happy with the service and cancel the account.

Important features and extras

Some good web hosts offer many extras and free features in their web hosting packages to
make the services more appealing to WordPress users especially those with a limited budget.
There’s typically 1 free domain name, free WordPress download, free ad credits, and free
backup service. Such items add value to the product.

How is our WordPress platform configured?

HostingRaja WordPress team lives and breathes. Many of us have been using it since the
earliest years, and along the way, we have learned a lot. Our Managed WordPress platform has
been designed from the ground up with hundreds of modifications and special rules to ensure
your content is delivered with the quickest, most reliable and most versatile service. Check out
our advanced technology page to learn more about the innovations we’ve put in place to help
you rise above the competition.

How fast do I get my websites online?

You will be online within minutes after you set up your new account. We have an excellent
migration tool that you can use if you are moving from an external host to a platform, or our
in-house migration team can help you get a whiter glove experience. Better still, since we
automatically provide SSL certificates for every site on your plan, you can launch your new site
securely in as little time as it takes for you to build it out in WordPress.