Website Builders: Build Your Own Website From Scratch

Its difficult to imagine contemporary world without the global online network and the merits it grants to people. It helps us stay connected, even if our close people are thousands of miles away and it helps us reach personal and business goals. A website is an effective tool in this respect. Whatever objectives and plans you have, launching a website will be the surefire way to reach them with no hassle and waste of time at all.

The use of website builders is the most reasonable option for those users, who lack time or budget to hire a professional web designer. Websites like which are easy to use and they usually come with step-by-step guidelines that turn the web building process into interesting, engaging, easy and quick activity. They come up to the web building skills of newbies as well as to those of web design experts. Lets review the top 5 easiest website builders that allow launching a website from scratch.


SITE123 is one of the easiest website builders by now. The service allows building various types of websites by using ready-made layouts, styles and templates. With SITE123, the design of a quality landing page, business website, portfolio or eCommerce website won’t be a problem at all. The system generates step-by-step guidelines that help you customize the selected theme and publish a website with no special programming skills or web design experience.

SITE123 Features

  • Responsive Free Template Collection. SITE123 has a collection of responsive templates that adjust well to the screens of different desktop and mobile devices. The themes are niche-related. It is also possible to select a black canvas to create your own website design from scratch by using the tools the system comes with.
  • Design Customization Tools. Whether you select a blank canvas or decide to edit the one that comes with ready-made content, you’ll have multiple ways to do that. What you can do to give your website personalized design is to add, manage and edit its pages, integrate social media elements and widgets, adjust and modify SEO characteristics, edit website fonts, styling, background etc.
  • Multilingual Websites. SITE123 has introduced a useful multilingual tool you can apply, if you wish to avail several language versions of your website.
  • Users can select and integrate advanced plugins to boost website functionality. These include Analytics Tools, Live Chat Support, Marketing and Webmaster Tools and other popular plugins.
  • Online Store. You can add and manage products and orders here, integrate web codes to enhance website conversion rate, choose between many currency options etc.
  • Connecting a blog takes a couple of minutes only, while managing it won’t be a problem as well. You can add, manage and schedule posts, select blog templates, integrate audios and videos, share articles, enable user comments etc.

SITE123 is an easy and quality website builder, which allows completing universal web building tasks. You can launch different projects with the system – ranging from simple landing pages and up to small/medium web stores. SITE123 comes with a rich feature set, making it possible to design and customize websites, add blogs, launch eCommerce websites, integrate plugins, widgets and social media elements, launch multilingual websites, connect SSL Certificates and perform other actions. The website builder has a free plan that lets you explore its feature set. The cost of the Basic SITE123 plan currently constitutes $9.80 and can fit any budget. If you’re looking for more detailed features about this website builder, you can check these Site123 reviews from MyBestWebsiteBuilder.


Mobirise is a free offline web building software for Mac and Windows. If you intend to use the system, you’ll have to download and install it on your computer first. There is no need to learn programming basics or explore the intricacies of the website design process to get a website of your own here. The system ensures ease-of-use, convenience and time economy.


  • Block-Based Structure. To design a project with the system, you’ll need to select the blocks that come up to your web design requirements and website specialization, drag and arrange them at a web page, edit the inline content, set up block parameters, preview and publish a website. The number of blocks constitutes around 800 items and it keeps increasing as the system develops.
  • Mobile Optimization. Websites built with Mobirise are mobile optimized. They perfectly match any screen resolutions and sizes, irrespective of the device you use. The website builder offers a one-of-a-kind AMP Website Builder Tool, which speeds up the loading of your website pages on mobiles devices and boost its positions in Google search.
  • Free Github Pages Hosting. When using Mobirise, you can select any hosting platform for your newly created website. While many of them are paid, the system unveils a perfect opportunity to host your project (or as many of them as you need) with Github Pages at no cost at all.

Mobirise is the offline app you can use to launch multiple projects from scratch. The websites you can design with the system include business sites, portfolios, promo websites, online stores and landing pages. The minimalistic interface of the service is intuitive and convenient. What’s important, Mobirise is absolutely free. However, if you intend to give your website outstanding design and performance, you can opt for premium themes and extensions available in the corresponding website section.


If you have an idea to design a full-featured and visually appealing website, then Ucraft is one of the top solutions you should try. The website builder comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor, which lets you control the process of website creation from the beginning and up to the moment it is published. Ucraft mostly focuses on building business websites, but landing pages and web stores developed with the system are also on a decent level. Newbies and proficient web designers can quickly and easily master the platform to launch professional projects with it.


  • Responsive Themes. Ucraft comes with a collection of responsive industry-specific free themes, which perfectly adapt to various desktop and mobile screens. Unlike many other website builders, the system makes it possible to change the selected theme on any stage of its customization. This is convenient and handy both to beginners and to design experts.
  • Code Integration. If you are right about to design a website from scratch and have enough programming knowledge to do that, code integration will certainly appeal to you. By editing website codes and adding those of your own, you can completely change your website design.
  • Logo Maker. Having built a website, you may have a desire to add your corporate logo to the home page or to any other web pages. With Logo Maker from Ucraft, you can cope with the task in no time. The tool is free and allows using multiple system icons or even upload your own logo to further integrate it into your website design.
  • Multilingual App. Do you intend to use your website for cooperation with foreign partners and customers? Then you won’t go without using the multilingual app, which allows creating websites in different languages. As a result, your website credibility rate, customer attraction level and client loyalty will gradually grow.
  • Ucraft White Label. Users, who plan to use Ucraft to start their own web design business, can do that by upgrading to the White Label plan the system has. It provides the entire feature set and benefits of the system to ensure decent web development experience.

Ucraft is a trusted and quality website builder, which ensures quick, safe and convenient web building process. It comes with a set of design customization tools to bring your projects to life. The platform has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that puts you in charge of the web creation process. The website builder has a free plan, but it comes with restrictions that prevent you from getting the most out of it. The basic plan costs $8/month and it’s also possible to cut down the cost by around 20% when making an annual payment.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a state-of-the-art user-friendly website builder, the use of which results in the development of professional business websites. The system is so simple and understandable that newbies can master it in several hours. Professional webmasters can use the website builder to develop complicated projects like business sites, promo websites, landing pages and portfolios. Coding basics are not obligatory here as the web building process is intuitive and fast.


  • Polydoms Technology. Websites here are based on the Polydoms technology and consist of Stripes. These are full-featured ready-made blocks that come with content users can replace with their data, when needed. Stripes perfectly combine with each other and you can arrange them as you wish.
  • Responsive Websites. IM Creator responsive templates fall into niche categories to simplify users search. The content they come with is easily customizable and it’s easy to replace it with your business or personal info – articles, contacts, videos, image galleries etc.
  • Blogging and eCommerce. With IM Creator, you can build blogs and eCommerce websites. The latter come with impressive logically-structured show windows, long and regularly updated product lists, preview options, specialized eCommerce stripes, analytics and management console, full credit card checkout and other options.
  • White Label Tool. It grants an opportunity to launch any projects under the preferred brand name, using the features of IM Creator. This tool works well for hosting companies, resellers and large businesses.

IM Creator is a cloud website builder, which offers scalable web building solutions. By using the service, you can launch small one-page websites and complex projects consisting of hundreds of pages – there are no limits here at all. The functionality of the service will be enough to cover these goals. IM Creator is free for non-commercial use, students, small businesses and creatives. For these user categories it offers unlimited bandwidth and hosting, absence of ad banners and other privileges. The price of the Premium Plan constitutes $8/mo, while the White Label costs $350 per year.


Building a website from scratch is super easy and convenient with uKit. The website builder centers around creating websites for small and medium businesses. Its feature set will be enough to enable newbies and webmasters to design structurally-perfect and functional websites. The simplicity of the service eliminates the necessity to explore and learn complex web building nuances and programming basics. uKit comes up to the web design needs and preferences of users with various web development background.


  • Widget Collection. uKit can boast an extensive widget collection. You can browse dozens of business widgets to enhance your website performance. These include Timeline Widget, Timer Widget, Online Cost Calculator (uCalc) and many more.
  • SSL Certificates. The website builder allows protecting your website security by connecting an SSL Certificate to it. This is a reliable way to enhance your website safety and confidentiality of information submitted.
  • Responsive Themes. The service template gallery is impressive and encompasses dozens of categories with responsive niche templates. It is possible either to select and customize one of the available pre-designed templates or select a blank canvas and express your creativity by designing a website from scratch. Have you made a mistake with the template choice? Don’t worry about that as uKit allows changing it even on the go!
  • eCommerce Engine. uKit eCommerce engine is certainly worth the attention as it offers two ways of designing a web store. The first option is to connect an eCommerce widget, while the second variant implies integrating your Ecwid account into existing website and managing a web store.

uKit is a decent small business website builder. It allows building responsive websites, which are SEO-optimized and user-friendly. uKit prices are reasonable, even though, there is no free plan here. The cost of the Premium Plan constitutes $4/mo only. That’s a pretty nice price for using such a full-featured service, isn’t it?

Bottom Line

Launching a website can help you reach several business or personal goals at a time. It can engage client attention, grow customer base and boost their loyalty, enhance business performance, showcase your services and products etc. If you have an intention to create a website from scratch or move from WordPress or any other platform, then website builders are the best solution. The fact that they are easy-to-use and intuitive make these systems a nice choice for newbies and webmasters. Whatever web design skills you have, take your time to check out SITE123, Mobirise, Ucraft, IM Creator an uKit. These website builders are full-featured and allow designing different types of websites. This is exactly what you need to avail decent web building experience and high quality websites.

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