SpringBuilder In-Depth Review

SpringBuilder is a web building tool, which puts strong emphasis on the development of gaming and betting websites. It is also possible to build other types of projects with the system as it offers an extensive feature set and a gallery of high quality templates needed to design professional websites with top notch performance.

SpringBuilder was developed by BetConstruct with the needs of gaming enthusiasts in mind. This platform focuses on the development of offline and web-based gaming solutions. Its experts have the firsthand knowledge of how a professional website builder should look and what its features should be. It is high time now to explore the major characteristics of the system to see whatís under the hood there.

Pros of SpringBuilder

The website builder has much to offer to its current and potential clients. Its design customization tools, specialized niche parameters and features cover a broad spectrum of web design requirements. Have a look at the system advantages now.

SpringBuilder Pros

  • Rich collection of specialized gaming/betting website templates
  • Drag and drop editor, which is understandable and easy-to-use for newbies and web design experts
  • Support of multiple languages
  • SEO App
  • High quality of design customization options
  • Designer Tools
  • Articles App
  • eCommerce and blogging functionality
  • Logo Maker
  • Collection of widgets to be integrated into a website
  • Integration of third-party apps, services and extensions
  • Collective website management
  • Free landing page creator
  • Flexible pricing policy

Just like any other web building service, SpringBuilder comes with a range of drawbacks. They, however, are not multiple and they donít have serious impact upon the quality of websites you launch with the system.

Website Design

Websites created with SpringBuilder stand out from the crowd in terms of design. This is due to the extensive template choice and professional design customization tools the service can boast. As far as the website builder mainly focuses on the development of gaming websites, its template gallery encompasses high quality themes, effective customization of which will result in the launch of professional gaming projects. The main template categories encompass:

  • Sports
  • Game
  • Casino
  • FinBet
  • Skill Games
  • SportsBook
  • Poker
  • Promotions
  • Fantasy

These template categories comprise dozens of themes, which are developed by SpringBuilder designers, come with ready-made content (thematic images, texts, videos and other sections) and can be edited by using your own information. In case you cannot find the required template or you just with to give your project more personalized look, take your time to select a blank canvas to launch a quality and one-of-a-kind gaming website from scratch. This is true both for users, who lack web design experience as well as for those, whose expertise deserves the appraisal.

There is also another SpringBuilder highlight that is worth the attention. What I mean is that the web design process the system offers implies the creation and addition of niche-specific pages. Each of these pages is added with a certain purpose and contains specific features a gaming website is unthinkable without. These pages include SportsBook, Casino Page, SportsBook Calendar and Other types of web pages. Letís briefly review each of these page types now.

  • This page is an indispensable part of any gaming website. This is the top notch destination for users, who wish to find out interesting info about their favorite games and events happening in them. The SportsBook Page is available in two preview modes, namely Live and PreMatch. It also has four pre-designed sections, the content of which can be edited and replaced when needed. These include Betslip. Sports List, Live Match and Search.
  • If you have an idea to launch an online casino website, adding this page won’t be a mistake. This is the place, where you can add and manage popular casino games and their types, sections, categories, change their design and perform other related actions.
  • SportsBook Calendar. A calendar is that very section, which provides information about the events, news, information updates, schedules, news and other issues included into the SportsBook Calendar. This information might be handy to the fans of different games and, thus, it is regularly updated to come up to the needs of users.
  • Other Website Types. Do you intend to boost your gaming/betting website performance? Then consider adding other types of pages to it, namely Games, FinBet, Virtual Sports, Pools.

Website Editing Features

When it comes to website design options, it makes sense to explore the customization features and tools SpringBuilder is ready to offer. The most prestigious and valuable of them currently include:

Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The website builder comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor, which notably simplifies the web creation process. What you need is to select the required website elements and drag them to the pages you wish to customize. This doesn’t take much time, while the result is really effective.

Designer Tools

These are the tools that will come in handy to you, when you decide to give your website personalized look (set up the color palette, change website layout, select style, fonts etc.). The tools comprise the UI Kit, the Typography and the Layout. You can use them, even if you are not a web design pro – you wonít need any knowledge of coding to give your website the desired appeal.

Logo Maker

A logo is an important element of any website that gives it recognizable and one-of-a-kind look. SpringBuilder makes it possible to express your creativity by using the icons and special design elements to create your own website logo. If you already have the one, you are welcome to upload and customize it as well.

eCommerce and Blogging

With SpringBuilder, you can connect your own eCommerce website or blog to your gaming website. Both features are a must for this project type and can drive much traffic to your website.

Casino App

Casino App is one of the highlights of the website builder. It makes it possible to add, customize and manage a popular casino website with almost no hassle and special time investment at all. SpringBuilder Casino App is accessible in the Dashboard and allows creating a website by selecting and customizing one of the four tabs. These are Games, Categories, Providers and Types.

Gaming Elements†

SpringBuilder comes with a set of niche gaming elements. Each of them has a certain implication and can boost your website† performance to the top notch level. The most popular gaming elements the system offers include: Mini Games, Betslip, Selected Sports Games, Winners Chart, Casino Games, Fantasy Sports, User Account, Casino Category, Events as well as Casino Search and Favorites.

Language Options

With SpringBuilder, you can launch and personalize multilingual websites. This depends upon the objectives you pursue, the type of website you need and the budget you plan to invest into the project. Anyway, gaming websites with multilingual support have more trusted and professional design.

Shared Access

Whether you work for a web studio or cooperate with a team of website developers, shared access to the website dashboard will be a notable advantage. Regardless of the number of web designers working on your project, you can give any of them website management rights so that they could work on its development any time of the day.

External Integration†

Integrating functional third-party services into your website will result in convenient and effective management of your project. SpringBuilder doesnít exclude this possibility as well. By using the service, you can choose between third-party apps and extensions (like Disqus, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Zendesk Chat, Intercom etc.) and add them to your website for enhanced performance.

Bottom Line

SpringBuilder is a website builder, which is worth the attention of users, who have an idea to launch and manage a gaming or betting website. Developed by BetConstruct, the system covers the broad spectrum of web building needs of gamers, who dream of having their websites and generating profit with them. SpringBuilder can boast an extensive selection of designer tools, customization options, niche template collection and flexible pricing policy. No coding or web design skills are needed to create a full-featured gaming website with SpringBuilder. This is one of the reasons that make it popular with the target audience.