Ways to Recruit a Suitable Word-Press Developer for your Business

Over the past two years it has become crystal clear that, as a business, you need to have a good online presence if you want to survive. The endless lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 have seen millions of Australians relying more and more on online shopping and this trend is set to continue even as we slowly emerge from the crisis. People got used to taking care of their everyday business online as it is most convenient.

If you want your business to stay competitive, you need your website to be attractive, user-friendly and SEO-optimized. And you need a reliable word-press developer to do that for you. Here are a few tips to help you hire a good professional.

Where to find a word-press developer

You have two options. You either look for a company specializing in such services or you hire someone through one of the many freelance platforms available, such as Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr. Generally, it’s best to hire an independent developer.

Go on any freelance platform and you’ll find thousands of dedicated professionals from all over the world vying to get the job. Competition is stiff so you can negotiate a better deal than you’d get from a local company.

What to ask a word-press developer

This is a very tricky thing if you’re like most people and don’t have much technological knowledge. How much do you know about plug-ins or SEO?

The good thing about freelance platforms is that you can view the ratings of the people offering their services. Check out those that have the best ratings. Start a conversation stating your business and ask them to have a look at your website.

If you know what your site needs, tell them so. If not, ask them for their opinion. You might find the terms confusing, but be sure to ask what they mean when they say you need such-and-such plug-in. If they cannot be bothered to explain in simple terms, you should pass. Find someone who is interested in talking to you. And listening to your problems. You need to establish a good relationship with the word-press developer you hire.

Why you should ask for a background check

This is a very common mistake. People assume that since the work will be done remotely they have nothing to worry about. Wrong. A word-press developer will have access to your company’s most sensitive information. This leaves you exposed to all sorts of cyber-attacks or to having your financial information stolen.

To prevent such risks it is recommended that you ask for a national police check before hiring a word-press developer. There are many options available and one can be found from the following link: go now which is a popular software service that is used throughout Australia. The applicant will have the results delivered to their email in a couple of days.

This way you can find out if the word-press developer you’re looking to hire was ever charged with a criminal offence, fraud, embezzlement, online fraud, identity fraud, etc. if they have a clean criminal record you can hire them to optimize your website, without worrying what might happen.