5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Consultant Today

So, you have a website and maybe a blog, but you feel like it’s taking too much time to ever pay off. You’re probably right, maintaining a website and blog is time-consuming. Whether you’re the director of Marketing for a large company or a small business owner trying to keep up with technology, an SEO consultant could be the solution you didn’t know you needed.

1. Generate More Valuable Leads

Leads are where it all starts. Every sale was once just a lead, but it came full circle and turned into money in the bank. If only every lead would become a sale, right? Well, with more valuable leads your likely to have higher conversion rates and of course, make more sales. SEO consultants know that when you’re looking to bring in customers, you don’t need any old customer, that won’t do.

What your business needs are your ideal customer. The person you had in mind when you developed your product or perfected your service.

2. SEO Consultants are Ahead of the Trends

Professional search engine optimization companies know their business just the way that you know yours. They are not only experts in SEO, but trendsetters. SEO consultants navigate the constantly changing environment of SEO because they’re always on the lookout for the next Google or Amazon update. Understanding algorithms and how that feeds into content will produce the next wave of SEO trends.

An SEO consultant should know what is coming next concerning an algorithm update and SEO trends currently on the rise. Like any other type of trend, what works will continue to circle back into the spotlight, and what doesn’t will cycle out again. Because SEO has been around for a while now there are many SEO consultants out there who have valuable experience in being one step ahead.

3. Outsourcing Frees Up Your Time

Anything to do with SEO such as, running a website or managing a blog, sounds easy enough at first. Most website owners probably imagined that they would make a fun, easy-to-navigate and visually appealing page then people will flock to it. Unfortunately, SEO stops that from happening.

The time that goes into optimizing a website or blog is split between SEO research, SEO strategic planning, content writing, and then editing and updating the content to keep it relevant to your customers. That’s a lot of time! Outsourcing the SEO research, strategic planning and updating can let you write content that you care about while someone else is taking care of the other stuff.

4. SEO is About Finding the “Sweet Spot”

SEO is not about stuffing the keyword or phrase into the content as often as possible or even being formulaic about the writing process. Why? Doesn’t it make sense that SEO is directly about throwing one word into your content a bunch? Yes, that is what it sounds like. But Google knows when you’re trying to pull one over on it.

How often are you happy with the information you got from a Google answers box or a top-result from your search? Google wants to keep users happy, and that means it needs to detect who is throwing around keywords to get a good page ranking, and who is using the keyword often because they’re giving quality information.

SEO consultants know the sweet spot between over-stuffing and keyword scarce. Plugins can help you with this, but for now, there’s no solution as good as another human optimizing your content.

5. Top-Notch Strategic Planning

Marketing is about strategy and sales is about strategy, so SEO which is right between marketing and sales is about taking multiple strategies and making them work together seamlessly. SEO strategic planning is about getting as much visibility and clicks as possible. But if that’s all you did no one would care about SEO. A strategic plan should both generate leads and result in a high conversion rate, and for that, you need a consultant.