A Roundup of Awesome Mac Desktop Backgrounds

Macs are becoming more and more popular, particularly among designers and artists, because of their processing power and workflow when using design software. Having a beautiful desktop background can be a fantastic motivator unfortunately it can be difficult to sort the great from the ghastly when it comes to wallpaper design. Today I’m going to share with you stunning MAC desktop wallpapers because we addicted to Apple and also love to use wallpapers. Do let me know if you have any other favorites which I’ve missed!

1. Download Purple Glass Wallpaper

Download Purple Glass Wallpaper

2. Mac osx

Mac osx

3. Brooklyn Decker Mac Wallpapers

Brooklyn Decker Mac Wallpapers

4. Mac Apple Wallpapers Leopard

Mac Apple Wallpapers Leopard

5. First Love 3D Apple First Kiss Desktop

First Love 3D Apple First Kiss Desktop

6. Mac Apple Tiger Background

Mac Apple Tiger Background

7. Mac Addicted

Mac Addicted

8. Entropy – Desktop Background Wallpaper

Entropy - Desktop Background Wallpaper

9. Sample Background for A Mac

Sample Background for A Mac

10. Deep Sea Wallpaper

Deep Sea Wallpaper

11. Apple Metal

Apple Metal

12. Technology Apple Mac Wallpaper

Technology Apple Mac Wallpaper



14. Download Apple Simple Blue Wallpaper

Download Apple Simple Blue Wallpaper

15. Default OS X Lion Wallpaper

Default OS X Lion Wallpaper

16. Mount Fuji Wallpaper

Mount Fuji Wallpaper

17. Ocean Beach Mac Apple HD Wallpapers

Ocean Beach Mac Apple HD Wallpapers

18. New Mac Wallpaper Summer Vacation

New Mac Wallpaper Summer Vacation

19. Netherlands Nature HD Wallpapers For Mac

Netherlands Nature HD Wallpapers For Mac

20. Ducati Diavel Wallpaper

Ducati Diavel Wallpaper

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