Web Design Mistakes That Do Happen Even If They Shouldn’t

Most websites you will visit online are horrible in terms of design. This is a fact and it happens because of the mistakes the web designers make. Unfortunately, although we are in 2018, many sites still look like they were created years ago.

The following web design mistakes are simply terrible but they still happen even if they should not.

Using Garish Colors

Web developers did learn quite a lot about the use of colors in design in the past twenty years. We are looking at complimentary colors being used, with different pastel or subtle hues. Unfortunately, there are websites that are now built based on the idea that color is the one most important part of a site. Such websites practically shove color in your face, like garish green and bright red being used in the same site. Such a website is practically a nightmare for every single person that visits.

Using Way Too Many Fonts

Choosing the right font is really important for every single website out there. You can use fonts that make everything look professional, like what a criminal lawyer Springfield would use, or something that has extra character, like Papyrus. Comic Sans is also pretty popular because it inspires a cartoony feel.

Web designers find it tough to make a choice because of all the available options. In many cases they just end up using many simply because of not being able to make a final choice. This is a huge mistake. When you have too many fonts that are present on a screen, everything becomes confusing. Text practically loses flow and users cannot focus on what they have to read.

Use Of Music

During the 2000s we had music on many websites since this was highly memorable. However, nowadays this did change and visitors actually hate it when they hear music starting. Web designers should never have music start playing automatically simply because someone visits. Instead of thinking about the content on the site, the visitor becomes focused on finding a way to stop the music.


Some time ago we always saw backgrounds that were very colorful. Unfortunately, these are still being used right now. While the very common theme of the past, space, is no longer common, something like dark backgrounds that have repeating patterns is common. The problem with such backgrounds is that they are highly distracting. The result is practically an appearance that is juvenile. Backgrounds in modern web design need to be block color, usually faded or pastel. Such an approach will compliment and highlight content.

The slack case study is a prime example of how modern web design has evolved from using distracting backgrounds to simple block colors. Their website features a clean and professional aesthetic, with faded pastel colors that enhance the user experience. This approach has been proven effective in highlighting their content and showcasing their brand.

Improper Navigation

Not all visitors will end up on the exact page of a site that they want to see. This is where the navigation system comes into place. It is a shame to see that there are so many sites out there that do not even have a search feature. When looking at menus, most are pretty bad as they are not properly organized. The best web designers know how to create detailed, proper navigation