Understanding the Benefits of a Web Application

Thereís a move toward web applications in business technology, and if your company isnít already utilizing them, you may be wondering what the advantages are.

Web applications, such as an expense tracker, are different from traditional apps in that they’re not built for a particular operating system. They can be accessed on any device, and this is done through the browser.

It works especially well in instances such as expense tracking because it eliminates limitations as to how certain features are accessed.

So why are businesses looking toward web applications over traditional apps and websites? The following are some advantages.

Consistent Functionality

This was touched on a bit above, but itís such an important advantage of a web application that itís worth talking about on its own.

With a web application, you get the benefit of consistency regardless of the device someone is using.

In the example of an expense tracker, all employees will have access to the same features, no matter what device theyíre on, which simplifies things for them but also helps improve compliance for the business.

Thereís no worry that an employee on his tablet wonít have the same features available as the employee on his Android device, as an example.


With web applications, another big perk is the fact that it cuts down on the amount of time spent updating software every week.

Spending time on regular updates can mean a big hit to productivity, and if there is an update to traditional software, it may need to be installed on every device. Web applications alleviate this burdensome element altogether.


The concept of improved efficiency is one thatís woven throughout most of the other benefits of a web application in many ways, but itís an advantage that stands on its own as well.

Your employees donít have to worry about paper-based record keeping or tracking receipts, and there are just more options for streamlining business processes.

Thereís also real-time information and increased visibility into whatís happening and whatís being spent, which is beneficial for businesses who want to be more strategic in how they do things.


Security is obviously a huge concern for businesses across all industries and of all sizes, and web apps can be good in this respect as well.

First, since employees are accessing information thatís stored on remote servers in the cloud, if any equipment is stolen or damaged, such as a mobile device, itís easy to regain access to information and also make sure that itís kept secure.

Finally, web applications are both highly customizable and also very scalable, and both of these factors tend to be big priorities among businesses looking for new technology.

Web applications can easily be tailored to the needs of the organization, branded, and there can be varying levels of user access that are customized. A web application can easily grow with a business, or change as needed without big investments of time or money to make these objectives happen.