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Peppery Posts: Thin Content and Ways to Avoid It at All Costs

Content is one of the most important signals for search algorithms in determining the ranking of a web page. While algorithms have moved on way past the days when you could rank a web page by simply using lots of keywords, the content is still important. And these days, what will get you ranking is high-quality content that provides value to your readers. The… Read More

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Reputation Management: Managing Fake, Unfair or Untrue Online Customer Reviews

As dastardly as it may sound, there are people on the internet who will leave intentionally negative fake reviews on business websites in order to harm your online reputation. Sometimes it’s a disgruntled employee, an angry customer or even a business rival. If this happens to you, there are some things you can do. Because of the prevalence of such review sites as Yelp,… Read More

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9 Steps to Transferring Your Website

For many reason, you may want to transfer your website from one host provider to another. Moving a website is considered to be a daunting task by many website owners today. Just as is physical movement from one property to another, there are various steps that you need to go through while moving your website to a new host. The following are the 9… Read More

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Is it Really That Important to Make Sure My Blog is Mobile Friendly?

You may have a website that is mobile friendly but it’s really important that you make sure all of your other online content is as well. It’s vital that you not under estimate the size of the potential audience you could be missing out on if you do not ensure that people can read all of your content using a mobile device. The vast… Read More

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Which New gTLDs Matter?

It would be hard to argue with the observation that domains ending in .com have ruled the roost in terms of popularity since the internet saw the world go online, and although there is no denying it’s staying power and continuing popularity, there are some challengers hoping to change our mindset. The question that everyone would like answering in that respect, is which new… Read More