Top 4 eCommerce Payment Gateways Compatible with WooCommerce

It was only in the last few years or so that the popular WooCommerce plugin finally surprised the once dominant WP Commerce as the platform of choice for those looking to set up their own online store on a hosted WordPress website.

The plugin’s rise to prominence can be perhaps attributed in equal measure to part flexibility, part functionality and part ease of use.

After clicking the install button, even novice users can navigate their way around WooCommerce and set up their store within the space of an hour, a far cry from some of the more technically-minded approaches taken by similar programs.

Yet as simple as it may seem at first, adding a payment gateway in order to process card transactions on your website isn’t always the simplest thing to figure out, especially when it comes to just choosing the right gateway for your site.

If you’re stuck trying to decided which eCommerce payment gateway to integrate with your WooCommerce website, here’s our pick of the best four.

Amazon Payments

There’s a lot of reasons why you’ll frequently find Amazon Payments ranking highly among Top 10 lists of payment providers, though the main one is undoubtedly that it does everything its paid-for rivals do, but does it all for free.

Using this gateway, visitors to your website can buy your products using their existing Amazon account, saving them much time in adding their card information and other details whilst ensuring you’ve got a safe, secure back-end system processing your payments.

Whilst the percentages Amazon takes from your sales may be a little on the steep side (2.4% on the first 1500 products), when you compare that to the cost of some of the other leading payment gateways, we still think that works out at a pretty good deal.

PayPal Express

Of course, the basic ‘Pay with PayPal’ comes already integrated with WooCommerce, so if you merely want your customers to send their money to your PayPal account, all you have to do is add the email address associated with that account and you’re good to go.

For better processing of card payments through, PayPal Express checkout option does a sterling job, allowing customers to bypass your own site’s checkout and use PayPal’s secure servers, negating the need to deal with adding a SSL certificate and PCI information on your site.


The SafePay network bills itself as ‘The Anti-Fraud Solution’ so that should tell you something about how seriously it takes payment security.

Using the verification system that appears before the checkout stage, you can put Safepay to work in ensuring that every single order is legit, and that there’s no sign of fraud attacks or false chargebacks damaging your bottom line.


Finally, we couldn’t end our look at top WooCommerce compatible payment gateways without mentioning FuturePay.

Like Amazon, this one comes completely free. Unlike Amazon, FuturePay sets itself apart as an alternative to traditional credit cards, providing a hassle-free and secure method for your customers to make purchases without worrying about what’s happening to their card information.

We also love the concept of allowing customers to buy now and pay later, simply logging into their FuturePay account to complete their purchase.

For something a little bit different that still gets the job done, we recommend at least giving this one a look.

Those are just a few of our suggestions though. We’d love to hear from you about your choice of WooCommerce compatible payment gateway. Do you have any experience with any of the ones listed above? Is there one we haven’t considered that perhaps we should take a look at? Let us know, and we may even write it up in a future blog post.