Security Measures that Should be Taken While Browsing Internet with Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have reached the advanced stage these days. Almost all tasks that we perform with computers are done with the help of mobile phones also. Mobile phones are replacing computers in every field these days. With the help of mobile phones, now it is possible to browse internet and face book also. As we are able to browse internet in mobile phones, we have to remember the fact that we are losing security day by day.

Mobile phones aren’t as secured as computers. There are many problems that you need to face in case of mobile phones. Every time you visit the internet with the help of mobile phone, there are risks of getting your email account hacked or your phone attacked by viruses.

So always try to be as safe as possible by following certain tips. These problems usually arise when you are doing some web design job or other related job.


1. Never visit any suspected site in your mobile phone. There are many websites which have no authentic source. It is highly possible that they contain malicious software and viruses. So always keep your mind focused on this problem and avoid visiting such sites as much as possible. If you think that such a site is absolutely necessary for you to visit, it is better to visit it only if you have a trusted antivirus package.

2. Be careful about spam mails. Every email service provider provides you with a spam filter. Once you mark some mail coming from some source as spam, the spam filters will filter the mails coming from that source in future. Spam mails will come to your system with the intention of stealing your personal information. So it is better not to open them and reply to them.

3. Use a well known and trusted antivirus package for your system. This is very much important today because there are a large number of viruses which are operating in the internet world today and new viruses are being invented every day. This is particularly a very serious problem and hence you need to have an antivirus package if you have the habit of browsing internet regularly. There are many famous antivirus packages that one can use in his phones such as Norton, kasperkey and MacAfee total system security etc.

4. Updating the software regularly is as important as having a well protected software package for the system. As new viruses are being invented every day, it is very important to update your antivirus package to keep these viruses at bay. Outdated antivirus packages are unable to help you in any way.

5. Online shopping is the time when you get attacked by these viruses often. While doing online shopping, you make payment by internet banking, debit card or credit card. In all these cases, there are chances that your account might be hacked by someone and that may lead to huge financial losses to you. So always use secured sites only for this purpose. Tmart Tablet PCs are somewhat better than mobile phones as they provide you additional security measures, but still there are chances of getting cheated. So you need to be careful always. Even android phones are a lot better than ordinary phones and provide additional security measures.