Maintaining Productivity When Working Outside of the Country

If you spend any time reading international travel blogs, you know that lots of people are working remotely, all around the world. If you happen to have a job that allows you to work where and when you want, then international travel might be a great way to make the most of it. But there are good reasons why people work in offices near their homes.

A local routine of work makes it easy to complete tasks predictably. At an office, you always know where the coffee machine is, how to work the copier, where the IT office is, etc. When youíre overseas, you donít have immediate access to any of these things. Whatís more, you may be reliant on electrical and communication networks that are not as reliable as those back home. If you need to find a way to complete work in an unpredictable environment, here are several techniques to help you do just that.

Have Several Ways to Communicate With Employers/Coworkers/Clients

Traveling abroad introduces communication difficulties. Itís not like back home where your smartphone has 10 different ways to contact everyone you know. You may not even be able to use your smartphone or larger electronic device. In cases like this, NobelCom phone cards are a reliable way to get in touch with the people who matter, anywhere you can find a phone. The NobelCom NobelApp is another great way to get much the same functionality, if you are able to use your smartphone. Find out in advance if the place you will be staying has working WiFi, and if there are internet cafes or the like nearby that you will be able to use while traveling. Talk to your employer, coworkers, and clients well in advance, so they know you will be communicating from a different time zone, and that communications may be intermittent. Make specific plans with the people who have the greatest requirements. Planning ahead this way will make the process smoother for everyone.

Have Your Tasks Organized for Each Next Day

Itís helpful to organize the following dayís tasks in the evening prior. This is a good practice no matter where you happen to be working, but itís especially helpful when youíre traveling abroad. Carefully organize files that you have to design, neatly outline writing projects, make lists of people you have to email, and generally have a tidy digital workspace prepared for the following day. When unpredictable situations arise, as they often do, youíll be able to come back to your work without confusion or clutter.

Use a Timer

If you are distracted by all the fun and excitement in the new country, youíll be tempted to put your work aside. Resist the temptation. Work first, carefully timing your tasks so they can be completed in the most efficient way possible.

Traveling overseas while working is a great experience. Youíll have to learn some techniques to maintain efficiency, but if you do, youíll be living the dream of remote work while seeing the world.