The Importance of Good Quality Website Content

A few years ago, webmasters took the view that any content written by an offshore company was acceptable. It didn’t matter if the article was badly written, unintelligible, or just completely unrelated to the theme of the website. As long as they kept posting fresh content, search engines would boost their visibility in the search rankings. But Panda was a game changer and almost overnight, millions of websites saw their positions in the rankings obliterated as a result of poor content.  Nowadays, it’s important to ensure you hire a reputable company to handle your content creation.

Quality Website Content

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Four Reasons to Use Quality Content

  1. Website bounce rate will be lower – Content is essential for attracting visitors, but if your content is uninteresting, badly written, or irrelevant, people will soon click away…and not come back.
  2. Google likes good content – Panda loves quality content. Websites with poor, thin content don’t do well in the search rankings, so unless you don’t care what happens to your website, pay attention.
  3. Encourage repeat visitors – When you have a website full of useful, interesting content, visitors are more likely to bookmark the pages and come back to re-read it. They don’t tend to do that when you only have a couple of pages of uninteresting blurb.
  4. Become an industry expert – One way of building a reputation as an expert in your field is to write useful, informative content. ‘How-To’ articles and tutorials will attract visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Write Good Copy

If you are able to write your own website copy, then great, but more often than not lack of time is an issue. Many small business owners outsource their content creation to Dubai web design companies or similar. These guys specialise in producing SEO rich content that meets the need of the client. But if you can’t afford to pay a big web design agency, don’t be tempted to pay a super cheap writer to come up with the goods – this will always be a bad investment.

Format Your Content

Whether you buy content from GO-Gulf Abu Dhabi Web Design or a freelance copywriter in the US, do make sure the content is correctly formatted on the page. Large blocks of text are difficult for the human eye to read on a screen, which means readers soon switch off and click away. Use snappy sub-headings, small paragraphs, and don’t forget to include an introduction and conclusion.

Create Visual Interest

Images are useful for breaking up blocks of text. Good images – photos, graphs, infographics – all help to create interest in the content. Most people scan a page before settling down in earnest to read it properly. If you add a few pertinent images or interesting informational graphs, your reader is more likely to take the time to read the rest of the content.

Content is a vital part of any website development project. It’s easy to assume that all you need to do is write some blurb, throw a few keywords in, and Bob’s your uncle. But this simply won’t do. So go the extra mile and produce great content – it will pay dividends and boost your rankings.