How to Get Your Business Online

An online presence provides many benefits to companies that traditional advertising did not allow for. Company websites, social media and emailing campaigns inexpensively target a very large audience, while at the same time, provide for customization to each particular potential customer.

For a company with a low advertising budget, there are a variety of online promotional tools that one should take advantage of that are both convenient and easy to use.

© Danilo Rizzuti -
© Danilo Rizzuti –

1. Company website

You can easily find free web site hosting to help you create your website without much experience. There are also many online resources for designing a professional website for free.

In terms of website content, it is very important to make your website clear with an easily navigable layout. Pick a premium wordpress theme to get a professional touch for your business from the first moment. Be sure to fill it with valuable information that is concise and is free of junk and unhelpful links. Think of a way to make the customer feel a personal connection to the company. Perhaps include articles and individual stories or anecdotes about customers and employees. For these reasons, a blog can be a great addition to your website.

2. Youtube

Youtube is a simple, free and creative way to give customers an inside look into your company is through videos. When you upload a video, include links from all sorts of topics so there is the highest potential for many people to see it. Videos can be about introducing the company, catching up on past events or promoting future events. You can also help customers feel more connected to your business through how to videos so that customers can solve basic problems simply and easily.

3. Social media platforms

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, are all very important and free ways to promote your business online. Creating and updating each account is vital to enhancing your presence online. You can also include links on your company website to all of your different social media accounts so that customers can be constantly informed of all events and activities. As well, social media platforms are the perfect place to promote discount codes, coupons and special events. By offering discounts to customers, they can feel more connected to the company. Little contests where customers can win small prizes are also a great addition to your social media reach.

4. Get local

Use Google to establish a company account. Once you’ve created your account, enter the company information such as opening hours, hours, phone numbers and other useful information. This way, when customers search, for example, a florist in the area, yours will come up as well as the important information for customers.

5. Email marketing

You can create a list of customers or potential customers to keep in touch with on a regular basis. When you do utilize this type of marketing, make sure that emails are only dictating pertinent information. Many times email campaigns can be thought of a spam and customers may not even open letters if they feel that the content is not valuable. Make sure to get permission from customers before emailing them. This can be done through asking customers if they want to receive emails upon purchasing in the brick and mortar store. Make the emails interesting with useful information about life in general, funny stories or something along those lines.