How to Create and Sell Courses On Your Blog

If you use your blog to make money, you may be relying on affiliate marketing and advertising as your primary revenue streams, but you might find thatís not enough. You can make a substantial income from these strategies, but many of the top blogging professionals recommend that either instead of or in addition to affiliate marketing and advertising, you boost your blogís money-making abilities by adding a product for sale.

One of the best products to create? An online course.

According to a Forbes report, the market for online courses totaled $57 billion in 2014 and grew even more in 2015.

Online courses are an excellent product to offer on your website or blog because they create value for the participant, and give you the opportunity to share your knowledge in a way that no one else can. This is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Below are some of the top tips you can follow to create excellent courses that will sell.

Base Your Course Around a Problem

The first thing to do before you start planning anything else for your online course is to determine what problem youíd like to solve for your blog visitors. Neil Patel is a great example of someone who creates courses driven by the concept of solving a problem. In order to identify a problem thatís going to resonate and apply to your blog audience, go straight to the source. Listen to what your audience is talking about, join the conversations, and ask them what theyíre interested in.

Itís Okay To Do a Course Thatís Been Done

If you think youíve created an idea for an online course thatís never been done before, thereís probably a good reason for that. Itís likely because itís a topic thatís too obscure or that no one is interested in. Itís okay to cover a topic thatís been covered before, as long as youíre adding your own unique perspective and take on the subject matter.

Make It Interactive

Interactivity is one of the best things you can offer in your course to get your audience interested. Simplilearn is a company that provides corporate training and professional certifications, and with all of their courses, there is a high level of interactivity. In fact, reviews for courses like their Scrum Master Certification program, say that one of the things participants enjoyed most was the element of teamwork and collaboration.

Keep It Short

As a final note, if youíre a blogger, and youíre just starting to think about offering online courses as a product to your audience, you may have trouble keeping it short and to-the-point. The reason? You may feel like you want to give your customers the most bang for their buck and ensure theyíre getting value from the course, so you might go with a ďmore is moreĒ concept. According to, this isnít necessarily a good idea. Instead, you want your audience to feel like theyíre making progress, so keep videos, chapters and all content brief, and completely to-the-point. Focus on delivering actionable information and your audience will appreciate it