8 Reasons Why You Should Do Full SEO Audit For Your Site

As the year winds down, businesses are taking stock of their performance, strategizing for the new year, and designing plans to guide them.

I guess you’re caught up with this also, but one area that’s likely going to be neglected is auditing your online efforts; it’s very probable that reviewing your web presence might take the backburner or be an afterthought. It shouldn’t be so, and here’re eight reasons why you should conduct a web hosting review for your company.

If you need more business

Who wouldn’t want to double or even triple their last revenue haul? Well, I for one wouldn’t mind getting new stream of buying customers funneling into my sales system. So, auditing your website provides you an opportunity to take a closer look at your sales funnel, optimize where needs to be fine-tuned and block leakages.

The changing landscape of SEO

The search engines are updating their algorithm at a breath-taking pace, and you must keep up, if you want to remain relevant. Here’s where auditing your site’s SEO comes into play.

You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the search engines, so reviewing and updating your site SEO comes paramount.

If your site visits keeps dropping

Maybe you checked your website’s metrics and discovered that the traffic to your site is on a downward spiral – you’d know right then, something urgent needs to be done – and it starts with auditing the site to pinpoint the cause of the drop.

Improve conversions

What action do you want visitors to the site to take? Is it to subscribe to your newsletter?  Sign up for a course or training? Purchase from your website? No matter what your goal is – you need to audit the site to understand the site’s performance before even thinking of improving the conversion rate of your site.

If rank on SERPs keeps dropping

There’s nothing as frustrating as watching your competitors over-take your site on search engine result pages for the same keywords. And therefore, arrest the trend, you’d have first to conduct a site audit.

Spending a ton on Adwords

If you’re spending too much money on advertising with Adwords, you may consider improving your SEO score to attract free traffic to your site. Optimizing your website might be your surest way of cutting down on your ad spend.

Improve Customer Experience

Auditing your site helps you uncover sessions of the site that might require redesigning. Maybe a tweak on the location of the navigation bar could make it easier to locate contents on your site. Or perhaps changing the font of your sign-up form may improve the conversion rate – the thing is, you cannot tell until you’ve run an audit on the site to understand what needs improving.

Ensure content is current and up-to-date

When visitors land on your site, they’re in most cases looking for relevant and up-to-date content to help them solve their problems. So, having your site current with the latest information helps build up trust and brand authority.