The Newest E-Commerce Technology to Consider Adding to Your Arsenal

There is no doubt that e-commerce has completely changed the world. More people do their shopping online than ever before. And while it may seem like e-commerce technology has hit its peak, this simply isn’t the case. There is further room to grow and the technology continues improved leaps and bounds. While the companies, which utilize the technology, are able to generate millions of dollars, the software developers make just as much. And, this encourages them to keep their programs up to date and more innovative than their competitors. 3Dcart has turned its attention to universities across the United States.

The Ecommerce University is completely free and it provides users with access to dozens of courses, which will teach everything they need to know about ecommerce. Once users have completed the entire course, they’ll have enough knowledge to build, launch, and expand their online business. At this point in time, 3Dcart is utilized by more than 17,000 retailers and the company hopes their new educational courses will being even more. Meanwhile, ecommerce security has become pertinent for e-commerce businesses. NuData has created a brand new platform, which is designed for the identity process.

The company’s innovative user verification system will make it possible to prevent breaches more easily. The new software will analyze the user’s behavior, their typing speed, and their actions across several layers. Once the information has been collected, the NuData application will use it to confirm that the same person is utilizing the account each and every time. NuData believes their software will be able to prevent hacks from abusing the identities of legitimate users. Meanwhile, Staples, which has struggles in the retail sector, hopes to get a boost from their ecommerce business. The company just recently launched a brand new iOS app with artificial intelligence capabilities. Softarex admits the timing of the release is perfect, since it comes at a time when children are preparing to return to school.

The Staples app will give shoppers the ability to snap photos of their shopping lists. Within a matter of 48 hours, their online shopping carts will be filled with the items on the list. The company admits they’re utilizing humans and artificial intelligence to analyze lists and make sure the right products are placed in the right shopping carts. Meanwhile, inVia Robotics wants to make it much easier for companies to package and ship the buyer’s items. With their innovative “Goods-to-Box” robotic system, works will have to do very little. The entire process is automated and can work fluidly with existing workflows. Companies will not need to change their floors or adjust their shelves.

Of course, the inVia robotics system can be costly, so it is only suitable for bigger companies. Miva Merchant, shopping cart software is considered one of the most secure and flexible ecommerce platforms ever developed. Miva, Inc., the company behind the software, announced the launch of an updated version. The Miva Merchant 9.6 is expected to improve the initial ecommerce platform, offering new payment features. It can now sync your inventory with EBay, Amazon, and Etsy. Google analytics module has also been updated and now supports short URLs. The software is well on its way to becoming a masterpiece.