Advantages and Disadvantages of The Top Social Media Management Tools

The number of social media management tools that are currently available is growing at a fast rate. It is not at all difficult to find various options that can be used. Based on top social media management Sydney agencies, we found those that are the most popular and identified the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.


This is by far the most used of the social media management tools that are available on the market. You can use it to schedule your posts and even manage replies. If you are interested in getting the pro version, you can even use bulk upload. Most of the social media cannels you want to use are supported and the free version does allow you over 2 profiles that can be managed. The analytics data is comprehensive and posting is really easy with the use of the popular web browsers.

The disadvantages associated with HootSuite mainly rely around the steep learning curve and the complex system used. It is also a little cluttered and for Twitter users, the system may not be great since they cannot add images. Also, the posts will be labeled as posted by HootSuite, showcasing that users will not directly make the posts.


Crowdbooster is highly useful at creating client reports as the social media manager. Tracking top fans, fan growth and many other metrics is really easy. You can even see when you should post based on data analysis. You get reminders when you did not respond to tweets and are recommended sources to find great content right on the tool’s dashboard. Navigation is easy, you have access to integration and the scheduler is really simple to use.

The most important disadvantage is that Facebook and Twitter are the only networks supported. You have access to some basic analytics and keywords are not monitored.

Facebook’s Own Built-In Scheduling

The scheduler that is built in the Facebook Status update box is normally used by practically all social media managers. This is because of how easy it is and the fact that posts can be backdated with no limitations. You do not have to use the Facebook interface.

When you use the scheduling tool, you can only do so on a page, not on groups. Also, after the post is scheduled, it will not be modified. The only thing that you can modify is the schedule time. Photo albums are now not supported.


The last social management tool we should consider is Bufferapp. It is much more friendly than what Hootsuite offers, thus making it popular, especially among those that do not have the necessary technical knowledge to use Hootsuite. The app can be used to automatically schedule posts at the best possible times. The URL shortening service of your choice can be added and the offered web interface is not at all difficult to use.

A problem with Bufferapp is that you can only add 10 posts per one profile when your account is free. Also, just two profiles can be managed with such an account. The scheduling features are not at all as great as others and analytics will be basic.