Why is WordPress So Popular Among Small Businesses?

Small businesses these days need an online presence but it can be quite difficult to end up with the proper presence in the event not much money is available. You need to be sure that you consider the most effective of the options available when a small business moves towards an online identity. This is WordPress steps in to offer a really interesting option, one that is actually preferred and recommended by specialists. Why is that? While different reasons can be said, here are those that are of high importance for small businesses.

WordPress is Free

What is highly attractive when looking at WordPress is that it is available in open source. This means that there are thousands of people that worked on the CMS. You do not have to spend money to gain access to a platform that will allow you to get an online identity. If your budget is particularly limited you can even go for a free theme. This means it will not be completely customizable but at the end of the day the only investment really needed is time, together with a few dollars for hosting and a domain name.

Turning a Site Into What is Needed

WordPress is highly versatile. It was initially created in order to offer a blogging option for those that were interested. As time passed it evolved to the point at which you can now use it to create practically everything you want. For instance, if you are interested in designing an online store like https://ana-heart.com, it is possible. Just be sure that you take the time you need in order to learn how to make the changes you are interested in. If you do not find a theme that is going to be a fit for what you need, just some plugins will be necessary at the end of the day.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to a regular CMS system that you pay for a big problem is you need to adapt to what is happening in the design world. Unfortunately, new hacking methods are constantly developed. WordPress itself is vulnerable but because of the fact it is open source there are so many that will detect the problems and will work on solutions.

When it comes to WordPress actual maintenance there are not many things that have to be done since the platform is stable. All that is needed is to be sure that the platform, plugins and themes are updated whenever new versions are released.

Easy Learning Curve

While WordPress in itself is complicated, the actual publishing and admin interfaces are very simple. You will have no problems in learning everything that is needed in just a couple of days. This means that the staff you have right now can easily maintain the site after just reading a few tutorials from the internet. Not having to look for someone else to handle maintenance for the website automatically means that the business manages to save a lot of money on the long run.