WordPress Design Tips for Your Blog in 2018

There are more WordPress blogs now than ever before, and that means more competition. If you want your blog to be noticed, you need the right design. Designing a blog on WordPress is different than designing a business website or a portfolio. There are different things to keep in mind if you want your website viewers to have a positive experience that keeps them coming back again and again. Here are top WordPress design tips for your blog in 2018 to stand apart from the noise.

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Why Design Matters

When youíre designing a website, your design becomes the face of that brand. Even if youíre just blogging, your design is the first thing users notice when they click onto your page. The right design can make the difference between someone reading your content or clicking away. In the age of Google ranking, those extra seconds make a big difference. There are a lot of blogs in the internet in 2018, and you need to have the right design to stand apart from the competition. Itís hard to be heard in such a crowded cyberspace, and a great design gives you a much-needed edge on the competition.

Less is More

An over-the-top design might have been all the rage ten years ago, but now it just looks out of place. Simplicity rules in the webdesign sphere. Your WordPress blog should be free of excessive colors or distractions that take away from you content. Since youíre trying to encourage users to read your blog, your WordPress design needs to keep all of the focus on your blog posts, not on a distracting design. Keep in mind the basic principles of design, especially negative space. Give your posts some room to breathe!

Avoid Trends

There are always blogging trends that come and go in rapid succession. Things like gold-foil, paint strokes, and bold letters have all come and gone in this cyberspace. Donít fall prey to passing trends. These might look great now, but soon youíll look like nothing other than another cookie-cutter blog in a sea of the same. If your design looks too similar to another blog, youíre probably following a trend. Instead, focus on cultivating your own design. The more authentic and unique your design is, the less often youíll need to change it in the face of changes in style.

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Function over Design

While design is important, function is more important. If your design elements are taking over the page and making it difficult for users to navigate, youíre doing something wrong. Your design should complement the functionality of your blog, not the other way around. Have a friend navigate your blog and provide feedback. Itís sometimes hard to judge your own blog authentically when you feel so close to a design. Donít be afraid to step back and make changes if you need to!

Hire an Expert

Not everyone is a web design expert. While you can manage a lot of WordPress blog design on your own even without a lot of skill, itís always best to have an expert help at least in the beginning. The design team at Lilo can help you build a WordPress blog that bridges the gaps between function and design. If you want to get your WordPress website build right the first time without relying on trends or unnecessary features, contact a specialist.

WordPress Design Tips

The right WordPress design can transform your blog into a force to be reckoned with. Donít settle for average when it comes to the face of your blog! You need to make a positive impression on new visitors, and you only have a few seconds to get noticed! Follow the design tips above to improve your blog.