WordPress Design Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform for a reason. It can be used to design a website or a blog exactly as you want to. While this is definitely a great thing, many end up making clear design mistakes simply because this huge versatility is available. Creating the site with WordPress is simple but you should always ask yourself is the design changes you make are good or bad. While you can build something as complex as Uptowork’s resume maker online with the CMS, it is not always recommended, especially if you make the following really common design mistakes.

Using Themes Or Plugins Created By Sources You Do Not Completely Trust

In an attempt to get the exact look you are interested in you can be tempted to use different themes or plugins. When these are offered by companies or people you do not know much you are exposed to different potential problems.

Always use themes and plugins that are offered just by sources you can completely trust. When you do this it is a certainty you are going to use something that is completely safe for your site.

Using Too Many Plugins

It is quite obvious that some WordPress plugins are useful and they will offer many different advantages you should seriously consider. However, this does not mean that you should solely rely on them. In many cases we see that site owners simply add too many plugins. That is a huge mistake since it can lead to conflicts and the server may end up drained of resources because of what the plugins will need. Whenever faced with problems, the first thing you have to do is take out the plugins one by one to see if this is the reason.

Not Really Knowing What You Do When Changing File Codes

It is so easy to fully customize WordPress with the built-in Editor. However, when you change PHP and HTML pages without really knowing what you do, the entire site can go down. Always be sure that you understand everything about changing the codes. If you do not know something it is much better to simply not make the change in the first place. Hiring WordPress experts or experienced programmers is a much better idea.

Using Improper Backgrounds And Fonts

This is a really common WordPress design mistake that appears much more often than it should. If the contrast between fonts and backgrounds is improper, the text that is displayed will be incredibly difficult to read. You should always create a really strong contrast. The classic one is using the white background and black fonts. If the reverse is present it will be difficult to follow anything on the page.

Graphic Overuse

The last mistake we will highlight is overusing graphics. Do be sure you do not add too many animations or images on WordPress pages. That is going to lead to really long loading times and lower SEO rankings, among many other problems. Just use the images that would properly fit the site design.