Why Should You Use WordPress Specific Hosting?

Whenever talking about WordPress specific hosting we have to highlight the fact there is a clear market for hosting solutions that are more specific. This does include WordPress and there are many different options that are now available, which is in itself a sign that there is a market for such hosting.

The reason why WordPress specific hosting is needed is pretty straightforward: everything added to the server is designed to help the WordPress CMS system to work as it should. However, there are other things that have to be understood. For starters, there are 4 types of hosting you normally go for when you want to use WordPress: virtual private servers (do not think this is the same as with VPN reviews, which is something else), shared hosting, managed hosting and dedicated servers. If you want to select the best option you need to consider available tools, support, scaling and security.

Why WordPress Specific?

Whenever you run a site that uses WordPress and has high traffic, the managed hosting provider will be the best as it is created especially for this exact reason. It is similar to when you own a car and you go to a dealership that is recommended by the manufacturer instead of the local auto shop. That recommended resource is specialized in problems related to your vehicle.

What many do not know is that WordPress has some specific application nuances that will affect the hosting provider. With managed hosting we get access to a service provider that is specialized in all these nuances. They will optimize security, caching and even support.

The managed hosting option will easily deal with the high powered websites that receive millions of site hits every single month. However, this might not be what you actually need as you get a lot less traffic. When the website is smaller and you get around 1,000 hits per month, using the shared hosting option is normally the best one. If page load time will affect your revenue, premium or dedicated hosting will almost always be recommended.

The Hosting Solution Bottom Line

With Shared hosting you have a solution that is great for a personal or low traffic website since speed and uptime are not vital. A shared hosting package will be more vulnerable for attacks, you do get good tools and support is going to depend on platform. In terms of scaling, shared packages are not great.

The virtual private server is usually a good opportunity when you get a website that gets over 100,000 visitors per month and you have to quickly scale. Security is quite high and the support is normally great server-wise, although not specifically tailored for WordPress.

If you need speed and security to be the highest possible, the dedicated server hosting option is the one you have to consider. Data will be secure and scalability is normally fast. Choosing between such dedicated packages is normally all about the tools offered.

With managed WordPress hosting you get all the best in terms of scaling, security, tools and support.